Headlines 155

Welcome back to another year at LECA.

For the first time in a long time, we begin the year with huge optimism, looking forward to our first ever cohort of Year 11s taking their final exams and our new Year 7s bringing us up to full capacity of 600. How quickly has that time gone and what…

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Headlines 154

I normally write this Blog on a Sunday but I am making an exception this week having seen the weather forecast and because it will be the final one of the year! Instead, this is being composed on Friday after one of the strangest weeks in my time at LECA. I've tried not write about COVID too much…

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Headlines 153

On the week when the England men's football team progressed to the final of a major tournament for the first time since 1966, it seems appropriate to write about leadership, determination and winning.

Gareth Southgate's leadership style is complex. He is clearly capable of nurturing his players…

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Headlines 152

Sometimes it's hard to know where time goes. During lockdown the days were long and slow and the boredom for some people was painful. Now, life seems to have sped back up again and often we get to the end of the day and wonder where it went. It's been like that at school this week - where did that…

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Headlines 151

'Normal' is strange word. We all have our definitions of what it is and over the past two years everything which was supposedly normal seems to have been turned on its head. This week the news turned to international travel with travel companies desperate to begin offering the full range of…

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Headlines 150

With exams at an end, our focus for the remainder of this term to look forward and plan ahead. Exams provide not only provide us with rich data but also give us insights into individual students. We can see where their strengths are and we can see where their gaps are, and our job is to ensure we…

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Headlines 149

As the final term starts, we are begin to look forward to welcoming our next intake of students to bring us up to our capacity of 600. Transition work is already beginning with visits to primary schools all around Ely and Littleport and we await the Prime Minister's update about the roadmap to see…

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Headlines 148 - Options

This week I'd like to take the opportunity to explain a  little more about the  re-run of the Year 9 Options process.

On Friday we wrote to Year 9 parents to inform them that we were re-running the Options process. Frankly, we'd got it wrong. During the pandemic, despite the fantastic efforts…

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Headlines 147

Normality is a step closer tomorrow. The rules change again and we can meet indoors and sit inside a pub a restaurant for the first time since December. For schools, the rules change again too. Face coverings are no longer mandatory and parents will have received a short communication home to this…

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Headlines 146

I normally write this on a Sunday but this week I have just looked at the weather and I now have a firm plan to be enjoying some long-awaited sunshine this weekend. There's no question that the weather has a positive effect on our mood and general feeling of wellness. That's why the last lockdown…

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Headlines 145

Last week I wrote about behaviour for learning and raising the bar with our students and teachers to increase engagement levels in class. This week we took a close look at learning in lessons and focussed on two questions: What are the students doing and why are they doing it? 

These might seem…

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Headlines 144

The end of another week and one where our focus has been on behaviour for learning. That's not to be mistaken for behaviour but the two are linked. When we think about behaviour we often think of students either doing what they are told or not. But it's not that black and white. Behaviour for…

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