As the building work continues for the new school we are working on others aspects that will enable the Littleport and East Cambridgeshire Academy (LECA) to hit the ground running in September 2017. The uniform for the secondary school is confirmed and full details are contained in the first newsletter but the details are as follows;

Girls – Navy blazer, navy V-neck jumper, white blouse (Revere style collar) and dark grey trousers or skirts (knee length). Shoes to be plain black.

Boys – Navy blazer, navy V-neck jumper, white shirt, navy and light blue striped tie and dark grey trousers. Shoes to be plain black

The navy and light blue colours represent the current colours of the main feeder primary schools as we felt that it was important to recognise the origin of the majority of our children. There have been expressions of interest from several other local primary schools and we are of course delighted to work with any parents and students that wish to attend the new academy.

Our sponsors The Active Learning Trust have agreed to purchase blazers, ties and the PE polo shirt for all students in the Academy’s first year of operation. I have arranged for images of the uniform to be produced and I envisage having samples of the uniform at both Millfield Primary School, Littleport Primary School and another central point in Littleport that will be confirmed at a later date.


I have been considering the links that will exist between Neale-Wade Academy and the new academy and I am confident that we will be able to offer joint working across both academies so that our new Year 7 students will be able to talk and interact with the older students at Neale-Wade. We currently offer sports coaching to primary aged children by our Year 10 students and this would be easy to replicate at LECA as would attendance at Employability Days and other activities that we offer our current students. I believe that it will be essential for children form both schools to interact in joint activities and we are fortunate that the two academies are relatively close from a geographical standpoint.


There are exciting times ahead and I am looking forward to undertaking the process of helping to appoint a visionary Head of School for LECA in next month. The successful applicant will work with me to deliver the very outcomes and opportunities to all children at the academy.