It's been good to make real progress on the 'back of house' work that needs completing  this week. Plans for staff induction and the final versions of the teacher and parent handbooks are complete. Good progress has also been made with music provision after a very positive conversation with Matthew Gunn from Cambridgeshire Music. I'm delighted to say we have agreed brilliant provision for our students and, as well as the choir, we will be able to offer instrumental hire and lessons from September. I hope that students take this opportunity with both hands - playing music and working as team are great skills to take into later life.

This week I start my tour of the primary schools starting Littleport Primary on Wednesday. I will be in the school most of the day to meet the Year 6 team and spend some time with the students. This is a vital part of the Transition programme and the more I get to know the students the easier it will be for them. My expectations for them will be clear from the outset and, conversely, I will know each student so I can cater for them individually. I am very much looking forward to the primary visits and I hope to make every single student even more excited about starting at LECA in September.

I blogged about meeting with a potential business partner, JDR Cabling, last week and had an excellent conversation with them on Tuesday. They are committed to working with the Academy from September onwards and will offer open days, career events and, as the students move through the school, apprenticeships. JDR is a global cabling company based right on the doorstep of the Academy and the opportunities to work with them are vast. They design, build and transport bespoke cabling to clients around the world to sites such as offshore wind farms and oil rigs. It really is an exciting company and the opportunities for our students will be many and varied. We will meet with more partners over the next few weeks and I hope to be able to tell you about more partnerships very soon.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School - LECA

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