Having spent the whole week on site and seeing the amazing progress every day, the Academy is ready. 

Littleport and East Cambridgshire Academy students truly have an outstanding and unique campus to enjoy for the next five years. With superb facilities and a talented team of teachers and support staff, the students will have countless opportunites to progress and grow as the school grows with them. 

Some of the unique features of the Academy are:

1) Sharing the campus with Highfield Littleport Academy, SEN, meaning that we can share expertise across both schools on a daily basis.

2) Sharing the campus with the brand new Littleport Leisure who are, under the leadership of Dawn Holmes, already creating sporting opportunites that the students will be able to access in the months and years ahead.

3) Our Trust, The Active Learning Trust, already has three successful secondary schools which LECA will draw good practice from while also developing our own unique identity.

4) Our 'library' is an online resource meaning that students have access to over 30,000 e-books which can be 'pushed' to their device or PC. We also have a range of traditional books for students to borrow too. 

5) National standard sports hall and MUGA (multi use games arena).

5) We will always reward determination and resilience as part of our Growth Mindset ethos, not just progress and attainment. We see these attributes as vital to the success of our students and will be working with them to develop these skills from Day 1.


The opening week will be an extremely busy week and we would be naive to think everything will go perfectly to plan. We hope parents will be patient and understand that we will do everything in our power to ensure the students have a fantastic experience. Working positively together with parents is a vital cog in the wheel of any successful school. 

We know that the parents of students and the people of Littleport are also keen to see the Academy so we have two diary dates for this purpose.

1) Thursday 21st September, 4pm  - 7.30pm. General Public Open Evening with tours of the Academy throughout the evening.

2) Wednesday 27th September, 5pm - 8pm. Year 6 Open Evening. Please only attend this if you are a prospective Year 6 parent.


We look forward to welcoming students on Wednesday 6th September. Students should aim to be on site no later than 8.20am. There will be plenty of staff on duty around the site to help direct students in and, after a short welcome assembly, they will spend time in form groups to meet their classmates. After break they will have a tour of the site and complete an orientation task and then the first of two team activites will take place. The week will continue on Thursday with class sessions which the students will complete in rotation. After school on Thursday will also be our first school choir practice which I hope everyone will try to attend. Finally, on Friday, we are doing sporting activities all day and children will be required to come to school in full LECA PE kit and trainers. To finish the week we will hold a celebration assembly to award those who have shown determination and resilience in each session.

Finally, the local newspapers have been invited in to report on the opening week and to take photos. Please let us know if you do not want your child photographed.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School - LECA

scott.gaskins@lecacademy.org (please note, this is a new email address)