Looking back over the blogs I've written, there hasn't been a week that's passed without some form of enrichment opportunity that has taken place outside of the classrooms. Whether it be the brave travels of our sports teams or a visit to the Big Bang or a tour round a local factory, we've managed to offer a huge range of opportunities to our students in our first year and this week was no different.

Most of the enrichment was all during one day - Thursday. The morning began with Tanya Porter from Scotty's Little Soldiers coming into to personally thank the students for their incredible fundraising efforts during the Spring Term and to tell us the exciting news that Scotty's has been chosen as one of the charities that will be supported by the upcoming Royal Wedding. We're proud of our association with Scotty's and hope that the wedding will give them the publicity they need to raise their profile even further. We look forward to supporting them again in the future.

The assembly was followed by a fantastic live screening of 'Macbeth', especially for schools, by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Technical issues aside, it was a brilliantly dark and sometimes comic performance with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role and Niamh Cusack as the manipulative and desperate Lady Macbeth. One of the key features of the performance was the constant reminder of time running out as a digital clock was displayed above the stage. As the action drew to its dramatic close, the clock ticked down signally that time was finally up for Macbeth. Some reviews of the performance can be found here https://www.rsc.org.uk/macbeth/reviews. Thanks go to Miss Harrison for organising what we hope will be an annual event at LECA.

Also on Thursday, a small group of 20 Maths masters, took part in the UKMT Maths Challenge run by the University of Leeds - another first for us. LECA was part of the junior competition which usually attracts approximately 300000 entrants. The papers are completed in test conditions and sent off to Leeds to be electronically marked. To recognise the highest performers in the Challenge they award the top-scoring 40% of participants bronze, silver and gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1. In addition they also  invite around 1200 of the very highest performers to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad and around 8,000 to take part in the Junior Kangaroo. Whatever the result, the 20 students involved, most of whom have been attending two extra maths sessions a week since January to prepare for it, deserve enormous credit for their dedication to the competition. Thank you to Mrs Digby for the time she given and for the organisation of the entries. We hope that taking part in the Mathematical Challenges is a stimulating and rewarding experience for all the students who took part.

This week the sports teams are out again, this time taking part in an Athletics Mini Meet in Wisbech. Having observed all of the classes taught by Mr Tatham, it's been brilliant to see the students really push themselves in events that they have never performed in before such as shot, javelin and long jump and the progress some of them have made has been outstanding. Good luck to the team on Wednesday and we look forward to hearing about your experience when you get back.

Finally, you may remember we wrote to parents about a lockdown drill last term but this did not take place due to some technical issues with the alarm. This week we will carry out a lockdown drill which, unfortunately, has become an essential part of schools preparing for the most tragic of circumstances. We will do everything we can to ensure the students are not upset by the drill and ask that parents discuss the reasons for such a drill with their children at home.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA