Since the last blog assessments have finished and the Academy has taken a break for Whitsun. I hope that our students and their families are enjoying their holidays, whatever they are doing, and I'm sure the staff at LECA are making the most of their break after what was a very busy half term.

With the assessments now complete we are delighted with the progress our students have made. Nearly all have made the move into the 1-9 GCSE range across the majority of subjects meaning that they are ready for the step into Year 8. Some have made huge moves up that scale with level 3s and 4s appearing in both Maths and English - a fantastic achievement. Last Thursday this progress was reported back to parents and students at our second Parents' Evening of the year and we took the opportunity to ask our parents what they thought. Here are the highlights of the questionnaire which is identical to the one Ofsted use during an inspection:

96% Agreed or Strongly Agreed with every statement on the questionnaire.

100% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that teaching was Good.

100% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that their child is making good progress.

98% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that we deal with behaviour well.

98% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that we keep children safe.

100% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that their child enjoys coming to the Academy.

100% Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the Academy is led and managed well.


We'd like to thank our parents not only for this overwhelmingly positive response but for the help and support they have given us over the year. For parents there is another opportunity to voice your opinions and bring ideas to the Academy on Thursday 14th June from 6pm-7pm at the Parent Forum. We hope to see you there.

Next half term we have much more in store for the students including a STEM day delivered by the Wellcome Genome Campus, the LECA YPA Camp, Transition Week for Year 6, Science Day delivered by Neale-Wade and a writing challenge between Neale Wade Academy and LECA. We're looking forward to another busy half term and promise to deliver an exciting end to a very exciting year.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA.