Another busy week started with the visit of the Skills Service to carry out an ‘attitude survey’ with the students regarding careers. What was most gratifying from the answers was that the students recognised the range of opportunities they have had to engage or have contact with potential employers. Every school must meet a series of benchmarks for each year group (called Gatsby Benchmarks) and having contact with local employers is a key one, not only in Year 7 but throughout the school. As we move the students into Year 8, we will have further benchmarks to meet and more great experiences for our students to keep them well informed about the many and varied opportunities they will have.

On Tuesday we had Si Taylor from the Jon Egging Trust join us for assembly and the entire team agreed that he was one of the most inspirational speakers we have ever seen. Si has served in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan but his career in the Army was finished when his transport was blown apart by an IED. He lost his crew and was in a coma for 4 weeks, later losing his right leg just below the knee. His courage, determination and resilience in the face of such catastrophic change is simply awe-inspiring and the silence in the Hall spoke volumes about the effect his talk had on the student and the staff. We will be working in partnership with Si and the Jon Egging Trust to develop the skills he demonstrated with our students and look forward to his team returning in July and into the new academic year.

Also on Tuesday, Sgt Phil Priestley and his Minecraft team set up the Xbox and used a test team of students to explore a Minecraft environment designed to educate students in e-safety. The test team found various messages and followed paths which demonstrated the difficulty in navigating the Internet and the potential dangers along the way. It was an innovative and creative platform and we now await the results of the student surveys; if they return positive results, LECA will be the first school to pilot the platform as way to educate and inform students.

Thursday evening was Parent Forum and it was great to see 3 ‘new’ parents there along with some longstanding attendees. As always the feedback and thoughts you share are vital to us and help shape the Academy as we grow. Thank you for all the positive feedback and we look forward to working with you more and more over the years.

Finally, on Friday, we hosted the Wellcome Genome Project to LECA. The students attended in House teams and were presented with some of the ground breaking research into DNA the campus does. The main task for the students was to create a human DNA strand by using a paper template and some fairly advanced origami skills. All the feedback we had was positive and we hope that the Campus will visit us again next year to work with Year 7.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA