It was always part of the vision of LECA to be a community school that was outward facing and welcoming to the people of Littleport and beyond. This has certainly come to fruition over the past few months. This weekend the Academy was proud to be able to help with the organisation and Littlerport's very first Park Run. Park Runs have become part of the fabric of many local communities across the country, bringing people together and promoting healthy lifestyles. It is fantastic that Littleport has its own run now and we congratulate James Lee and his team for making it happen. The first run attracted over 160 runners from far and wide and I am sure many more will take part over the coming months.

Inside the Academy we have also been busy hosting a wide range of organisations and meetings. 4D Dance are now resident in our Studio every Friday; the DFE Opportunity Area meetings all take place at LECA; the Cambridgeshire Maths Hub hosted 100 teachers at LECA on Wednesday for networking and workshops. During the next few weeks, Lane Academy will be using the Academy for rehearsals and a show and various other local organisations will be using the main hall while we are closed for the summer. Credit goes to Jo Hedges, Paula Edwards and Alison Daltrey for managing the bookings and marketing the Academy so effectively and we look forward to welcoming many more people to use our fantastic facilities over the coming months and years.

Our assembly this week was about role model and leaders with a firm focus on Transition week which starts on Monday 9th July. For the Academy to flourish our current students must now be prepared to lead by example and role model the behaviour they have shown us all year. They have been a brilliant first cohort and now they must show the new students what LECA is all about: being respectful, determined and progress-driven, to name just 3 of our 8 core values. This was epitomised this week when a new student said to me in class that she 'couldn't do it' and added 'I can't do poetry'. Very quickly one of our 'original' Year 7s said: 'We don't say that at LECA'. It was lovely moment that captured everything we do. We finish the sentence with the word 'yet' to show that with determination and resilience we can achieve anything.



Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA