The week began with Year 7 in the Main Hall with the Skills Service taking part in their first careers event of the year. The year group was split into groups of 8 and each student in the group had a different role to play in running and managing their own 'business' for the day. It really is a superb event, a repeat of last year's, and it was great to see the complete engagement of the students as they produced paper ducks of all shapes and sizes and competed against each other to make the most money. Thanks goes to Rebecca Sussex for organising the event and engaging with a range of local and national employers who came along to help. The students were excellent throughout with many of them working in teams of peers who they didn't know. As the year goes on, they will have many more of these opportunities and it's important for them to step out of their comfort zones and just go for it like they did on Monday.

The week continued with a range of activities now on offer during the school day and after it. It was fantastic to see so many students attend the clubs including our new offerings of History club, Newspaper club, Science club, Music Theory and Choir (now on at lunchtimes). This week we will expand our offer even further with a Mindfulness Monday drop in, Wellbeing Wednesday group and a new LGBT group. All students are welcome to all groups and details of where they will be held will be shared with Tutor groups. We are often complimented on the positive atmosphere at LECA but we also know that we must always be aware of the needs of every student and help them to improve their lives and talk about how they feeling. We encourage openness and the need to talk, and the addition of these groups will ensure every student has an outlet if they need it. On top of this, Mrs Emmess has also introduced a wellbeing session for staff every Friday after school meaning that they can play sport and relax after a busy week.This is a great offer and one which has been welcomed by the staff.

This week parents will see Go4Schools being populated with current grades and targets for the year ahead. We have set targets based on SAT scores, our own baseline assessments and, for Year 8, their final current grade in each subject from Year 7. The level of challenge is high at LECA but we see the journey as one that lasts all year and will do everything we can to ensure good progress is made by all. With that in mind, we know that some students progress quicker than others so parents shouldn't worry if their child does not reach their targets in the first assessment or sees highs and dips along the way. Progress is non-linear in many subjects meaning that with each new unit there are new skills and knowledge acquired. Some students are better at some units than others so the dips and highs are natural and expected.

The sports fixtures begin this week against ALT rivals Neale-Wade and for LECA it is another first. The sports fields are now ready to play on after a year of careful preparation meaning that we now have rugby pitches marked out and the posts are going in. For us this means that we can now host home games all year rather than travelling away for all our matches and it's the last piece of the puzzle for the PE department: a great outdoor space to match the superb indoor facilities. Let's hope home advantage means even more wins  - we're sure it will.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA