Sometimes things just don't go to plan. Like when Mr Tatham decided he would boil water over a bunsen burner using plastic beakers (with obvious results), and when we opened in September 2017 and the Internet wasn't working. This week the weather did enough to stop our visitor from Corpus Christi coming to take assembly and also meant that we had to cancel our fixtures and our Active Learning Trust netball and football tournament. It happens - but we have to get up and start again. It's fair to say that this week tested our resilience and determination but our ethos at LECA is to never give up; all of the above will be rescheduled and we'll keep the students and parents posted in good time. 

This week there's plenty more going on beginning with the visit of Happy Days Photography. Those of you who attended Awards Evening in October will remember the Lee Brooker who took some fantastic photos of award winners and their families throughout the evening and provided an online ordering system a few days later. Tomorrow he will be visiting again and taking tutor group photos and sports teams photos and portraits. Again, the quality of the photos is superb and the service is super quick so we hope you'll take the opportunity to have a look and buy a photo or two when they're available. Needless to say, students should be in full school uniform as usual and if they are in sports teams they should bring full PE kit them too.

We also have Year 8 Parents Evening this Thursday. We always have a great turnout at Parents Evenings and we hope Thursday is no exception. It is a great opportunity to meet the tutors, talk about progress and behaviour, and myself and Mr Tatham will also be available all evening. We look forward to seeing you then. 

The following week is another busy one too. It's assessment week in Maths with both year groups being tested on everything they've done so far this year so students should be busy revising and using MyMaths to consolidate their learning. Mrs Digby and Mrs Middleton will be able to advise and guide students further with this. The next day (February 13th) we are also taking the whole of Year 8 off to Neale Wade Academy for their annual careers fair. Over thirty local and national exhibitors will be there to talk to the students and there will be plenty of literature to take away and digest. It may seem early to be thinking about careers but this time next year our Year 8s will be choosing their GCSE options and events like this may well guide their choices. It is always a useful and well-run event and we're sure Year 8 will get a lot out of it.

Finally, we've already had a great response to our teacher adverts but there's still plenty of time to apply. We have positions in Science, Computing, Humanities and English as well as an exciting opportunity for a Newly Qualified Teacher in Humanities too. Check the LECA website for more details or go to  - a new website for all school positions in Cambridgeshire. Very best of luck to all who apply.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA.