Last week the Arts enrichment continued as did our strengthening relationship with Kings School, Ely. On Tuesday, we welcomed Kings into our Main Hall together with our students to watch an hours performance of Oresteia by Aeschylus. Aeschylus is often described by scholars as 'the father of Greek Tragedy' and this was a great opportunity to see a performance of one of his plays that also feeds directly into our own schemes of work at LECA. After the performance some selected LECA thespians were also involved in some drama workshops with the performers - another great opportunity for them. Thank you to Kings for bringing the performance to LECA and to Chris Jones, our Creative Arts specialist, for organising the groups.

Also last week, Mr Hughes took a group of budding scientists to Neale Wade for some physics enrichment run by Science lead, Sammy Abbott. The group worked with Year 12 students who helped lead the sessions and proved to be another brilliant opportunity to work with older students and extend their learning beyond the normal limits of the classroom. Thank you to Sammy and Mr Hughes for the opportunity - it sounded like a brilliant day and one which I am sure they all learnt a lot from.

Still as relatively new school, LECA has opportunities to be at the forefront of new research and, with support from the Active Learning Trust and through our various partnerships and associations, we will be rolling out some exciting changes at the Academy in the coming months. One of the key areas we are developing is the curriculum and there is now a clear focus from Ofsted on the 'intent' of curriculums in schools. Intent is complex concept to describe but I will be writing and publishing this before the end of term and I hope it encapsulates everything we have designed so far. The curriculum is the heart of any school and it is vital that it meets the need of every student and develops them as people as well as scholars. 

Not only this but we will be creating 'knowledge organisers' to assist students with every subject and every topic. Knowledge organisers are electronic (or paper if requested) documents that will be published on the website. They will include information such as diagrams, key vocabulary and etymology, definitions, summaries of key concepts and so on and will be there as tool to revise from and to be tested from. Lots of schools are beginning to use these now and we're sure that the impact of them will be clear in the progress of the students over time. As always we welcome your feedback and comments when they are published.

In the classroom we are also making subtle changes to our delivery following some analysis of the latest research. The clear message to us is that students want more challenge and we will be working hard to deliver this. As a school we firmly believe that there should be no limit to what a student can achieve and have named our pedagogy 'Learning Without Limits' very deliberately. To this end, the bar will be raised and we will be looking to extend learning as deeply and as broadly as possible. That is what the students want and we believe that it will result in a far greater knowledge base and the development of students who are inquisitive, creative and analytical. That, together with our mantra of Growth Mindset  - never giving up and being resilient learners - will mean that students are well equipped and prepared to meet the challenge of GCSEs when the time comes. 


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA