Following a really busy term with lots of enrichment, last week was a little quieter and we returned to classes as normal.

Of course, we like to think that we do things a little differently at LECA, finding imaginative ways to engage the students and help them make progress. It wasn't a massive surprise therefore when I walked into a Geography class on Tuesday to find the students using map skills and grid references to fight their way out of a zombie invasion. Just a normal day! Then I visited English where Year 8 were reflecting on their recent assessments and responding to the detailed feedback from Mrs Radcliffe. This is a vital part of our work as every bit of research out there points to the need to allow students to work through their mistakes and understand how to improve them before moving on. The idea is to plug those gaps as we go along rather than trying to do it all at the end. It was great to see the engagement of the students with this and it was obvious they could see the real value of it. 

Then I walked past the Studio and what a difference Mr Jones has made since he arrived. Staging is up, lights have been purchased, microphones await, blackout curtains are ready. This Studio, a blank canvas until now, has been transformed into an inspiring learning space which we're sure the students will enjoy for years to come. It also serves as another reminder that the Arts is central to our curriculum at LECA. We firmly believe that the skills we nurture in the Arts are vital to the development of all students and we know that creativity, innovation and originality drive the world around us.

My final drop-in was to Mr Tatham in Science and again a fully engaged Year 7 class were just about to start an experiment looking at changes in mass when solids are exposed to heat or acid. The student, working in teams, looked and sounded every bit like 'real' scientists as they timed their experiments, recorded results and came up with theories. Great to watch and clear that the students were really enjoying it.

In sports, the girls Cricket team fought bravely at the County finals but came up against some excellent players, some of whom play at County level. What's important is that LECA was there and, as the smallest secondary school in Cambridgeshire, we more than held our own against much larger schools. Well done to the girls and to Mrs Emmess and Mr Dransfield for supporting on the day.

On Wednesday our newest recruit, Mrs Cameron, joined us to run a Littleport Primary Schools Sports Festival, ably assisted by a team of sports leaders from LECA. Again, we put leadership skills right up there alongside the academic skills we teach and it is brilliant to watch our Year 8 students get hands on with this type of event. Thank you to Mrs Cameron for giving us the opportunity to get involved in this  - it was excellent.

This week we power on to the end of term and a well-earned break for everyone. To finish the term we will have a non-uniform day to support the East Anglian Air Ambulance and have a bake sale too, so if you're parent reading this, please help us raise as much money as possible for this fantastic cause but helping your children bake some treats this week. We really appreciate your help. 

Finally, from all at LECA, have a very Happy Easter. 


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA.