Following the Easter break and the fantastic weather for the bank holiday, it was back to work at LECA to begin our final term of the year and as usual we have lots to look forward to including Transition, Sports Day, the LECA YPA camp, the Dorset Walk and much more.

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Andy Cope to LECA to work with students from Highfield, Neale-Wade, Cromwell and LECA and talk about the notions of happiness and wellbeing. Andy is booked in again this week for two more sessions and will continue that work which will end in a project for all the students who are involved. For a taste of his work, here's a link to a short video - it's inspiring and positive stuff and links directly into the power of growth mindset we have at LECA. 

As always we have a close eye on the next few months as we prepare for our first ever Ofsted inspection. Behind the scenes much work is happening on fine tuning teaching methods, analysing the latest research, developing the curriculum, managing the building as we grow and so on. We've also looked closely at the way we measure progress and will be making some fantastic changes to truly reflect our belief that there should be no limits set on what children can achieve. In order for this to happen, our students should expect to be highly challenged every single lesson with materials that in many schools would be regarded as 'too hard'. Our answer to that is this: how do we know it's too hard unless we try it? Much research suggests that no matter what the prior attainment of a child, they can master 'difficult' concepts if we give them the opportunity and, of course, the support.

As with previous years, we have also recruited strongly to support our curriculum offer moving forward. We have strengthened in Maths, English, Science, Humanities, Computing and Food Technology - with Anna Cameron joining the team this term. Welcome to Anna and the rest of the new recruits and as with previous years, I will be inviting our new additions to introduce themselves here on the blog in the coming weeks. 

Our next stage of recruitment is to the support team so if you're looking to join the team at LECA we will be advertising on the website, Facebook and EPM very shortly. As a sneak preview these roles will include: a cleaner, a midday supervisor, Teaching Assistants and a Science Tech so if you're interested keep checking for adverts regularly and like our Facebook page to keep right up to date.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA