This term we make our final preparations for an important year for LECA. All the work we have done in the last 2 years and all the work we are doing now is heading towards our first Ofsted inspection, due from September 2019 onwards. It's one of those double-edged swords: in some ways we welcome the inspection as a chance to show and tell them what LECA is all about; in others I don't know a teacher who 'enjoys' the experience because they don't want to be 'the one' to let the team down. In the reality of an inspection, that is very rarely the case - no one person can influence the outcome - but we do all feel the pressure not only on a personal level but on a community level too. There isn't a person who works for us who doesn't want the top grade, outstanding, and that is what Littleport deserves.When the time comes, it will be down to all of us to pull together and get the result.

One of the Ofsted areas is Personal Development and it is one where we believe we are particularly strong. It is a broad category rooted in the broad experience of our students ranging from careers, health and well-being, extra-curricular, enrichment, the Arts and much more. To that end, our second and third sessions run by Dr Andy Cope for some of our Year 8s and students from across the Trust, was superb. In summary, the student worked on changing their mindset into a person he defined as a '2 percenter' - someone who focuses on the being happy and positive in the present and looks to the future with a sense that they can achieve anything. What a powerful message for students that is and one that chimes directly with our mantra of Growth Mindset and our teaching philosophy we call 'Learning Without Limits'. As teachers we do believe that anything is possible and this work will support these students moving forward. From the sessions, the students were given a project to complete so, working in teams, they will be working on those over the next few weeks and into the Autumn term. The desired outcome of these projects is simple but powerful: spread happiness and positivity both within the walls of LECA and beyond, into the community. It will be great to see them work on this important challenge and we will support them all the way through.

Finally, a word about Transition. We're excited to be currently writing to our rising Year 7s about Transition and we have a packed two days (July 1st and 2nd) to welcome you all to LECA. On July 1st, half of the new cohort will join us for a full day in classrooms and PE and this will be followed by the Pop Up Uniform Shop straight afterwards which all new parents and students are invited to. Then on July 2nd we welcome our cohort from Littleport Community Primary School for the second day followed by our Transition Evening Freshers Fair which, again, all new students and parents are invited to so they can see, among other things, their new form tutors, the clubs and enrichment we have on offer, the intervention we do , Go4Schools, ParentPay and much more. Transition is one of the highlights of the year at LECA so we hope all of our new students have a great experience - we will do everything we can to make the jump up as smooth as possible.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA