One thing we pride ourselves on at LECA is our sense of community cohesion. Little did we know back in 2017 that our community would grow in the way that it has. On Thursday evening we opened our doors to welcome children from Year 5 and their parents and they came from far and wide! In Cambridgeshire, perhaps even the whole country, we would say we are unique as we currently draw students from 20 primary schools and that makes each new cohort truly exciting. New friends are made, new interests are discovered; new parents to work with. We welcome all of you in equal measure and hope we can work with you in the future. 

On Monday last week, we continued our thriving partnership with Kings School when a small group of students joined their Year 7 and 8s along with students from St Bede's at a STEM innovation day run by multi-national business consultants, Accenture. We thank Kings for the invitation to the event and Mr Hughes and Mrs Howard for supervising them throughout the day. The students had a great time and will have learnt a lot, not only about business and enterprise but also about working in teams of students they don't know; a great life skill and an essential part of their character journey.

This week, as part of the Pop-Up Literacy project we welcome some bestselling authors to LECA to hold workshops with our Year 7 students. Last year the project was brilliant and successfully re-ignited a love of reading with many of our students and we're sure this year will be no different. One of the authors, Catherine Johnson, is a great example of how hard work pays off. Every novel she has written is painstakingly researched and she creates a huge dossier of clippings and pictures to help her shape the characters and describe the settings in detail. Having worked with her before, I'm looking forward to seeing her at LECA next week as well as the other great writers we have arriving. Thank you to Mrs Radcliffe for all her work organising the groups and the visits.

This week is also the final week before the Year 7s start their final exams on June 17th. Mr Tatham and I will be talking to the students in assemblies about how to prepare and revise to get the best results. What we do know is this: the students have applied themselves brilliantly all year and and yet, sometimes, progress and attainment results don't always follow. The key thing is to remember the message we give students every day - go again, don't give up and you will get everything you deserve in the end. 


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA