Assessment weeks are tough. There's no easy way around them and the exams come thick and fast.Then, in between, there are revision sessions where that focus needs to remain to ensure the knowledge is retained. So when Year 7 completed their last assessment on Friday there was a palpable sense of relief among the students. They had done an incredible job. Remained focused throughout and worked extremely hard. They are now almost in Year 8 and will be the role models for the new Year 7s. Well done to all of our Year 7s and we all hope that you get the results you deserve after all your hard work. We have seen you revise in and out of lessons and it was great to speak to you all in assembly and congratulate you on your efforts.

This week is the turn of Year 8 to focus on their final assessments before they move into Year 9. If they are as focused as Year 7 were, they will do well and show us what a talented group of students they are. Good luck to all of you. 

Aside from assessments we had Paige Smeaton from Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge, visit us on Tuesday to talk to Year 8 about university life. It was a fantastic assembly which detailed the different types of universities in the UK and beyond and also gave a great insight into life at university and types of courses on offer. I hope it inspired more of our students to set their sights on Higher Education. If it didn't, the visit to Corpus the next day for a small group of students may well have done. Again, hosted by Paige, our students had a detailed look at what was on offer at one of the most famous Universities in the world. Not only that but they had lunch in the medieval banquet hall (which we all agreed looked like something out of Hogwarts) and had a full tour of the facilities and grounds. It is a beautiful college and you can feel the atmosphere change as you enter the grounds from Kings Parade into the immaculately manicured lawned quad. I hope it inspired the group to aim as high as possible when they think about their next academic adventure after LECA.

I wrote to parents last week to consult on Parents Evenings. I have already had some responses but I welcome more as I would like to make a decision based on as much feedback as possible. In short, the proposal is to remove parents evenings and to open the doors and communication lines all year round. We feel this will be far more targeted and will have much more impact. Further details are on the email and I thank everyone who has responded so far. 

Finally it was fantastic to see the campus come alive with hundreds of visitors on Saturday for Littleport Leisure's Open Day. There were a myriad of stalls and activities and the campus was full of families enjoying the facilities. From LECA's point of view, we were proud to represent the Academy with the choir and the dance group - you all performed fantastically and it was another proud moment for all the staff who could be there. Thank you to Lucy Davies for the work with the choir and to Sarah Ford from 4D Dance who has worked with the dancers. When the community pulls together like this, it truly is brilliant, not to mention a lot of fun.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA