What a week! We begun with Transition and half of our feeder schools joining us on Monday with full day of lessons. Some nervous faces walked across the campus with our students to the rear playground leaving (equally nervous in many cases) parents to wave them off. Those faces changed very quickly as the day unfolded and it was great to see the students mix together and enjoy the sessions. One of my favourite moments was in assembly when we displayed the word 'YET' in block capitals, it was our favourite word and asked them why. The first student I asked got the answer spot on: 'We can't do some things yet but if we persevere we will succeed'. What a fantastic start to the day and absolutely what we say to our students every day. 

While the students finished their lessons, Total Clothing arrived and their shop uniform popped up ready to open at 3pm. Once again, the shop was really popular with students and parents old and new and we thank Laura Page and her team for providing such brilliant service not only at the shop but throughout the year.

Then, on Tuesday, we welcomed Littleport Primary students for the same format - an assembly and a full day of lessons designed especially for them. Again they all looked very at home at LECA by the end of the day and then it was time to set up for Transition Evening. Stalls were set up and parents and children began arriving from 4pm to meet teachers, find out about Go4Schools, sign up for clubs and much more. It was a really busy night and we very much enjoyed meeting our new students and parents for the last time before September. Thank you to all our new parents for the support over Transition and for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on our questionnaire. We read every comment and use them to improve every year.

Finally, to finish the week, 35 students and about half of the staff packed the minibus and their cars with camping gear and set off for West Row where we pitched up in glorious sunshine at the LECA YPA Camp. If you're reading this on Facebook you may well have seen the photos already but if you haven't please do take a moment to have a look. The team's first task was to pitch their tents. For some this was clearly challenging but by 5.30pm most were up and relatively stable and secure! While this was going on Mrs Cameron sparked up the barbeque and soon the smell of burgers, sausages and onions was wafting across the campsite and making us all hungry. A little later, in between games of frisbee and other unnamed games involving huge inflatables, it was time to eat and we all tucked into a fantastic meal followed by an ice cream (three in Mr Tatham's case but who's counting?). After dinner, we headed for a nearby meadow and, like last year, we played rounders and dodgeball with some questionable rules and some even more questionable scoring! It was great fun though and once the light started fading a little we headed back to camp for a Trangia demonstration by Mr Hughes. Soon, with the students working in small groups, they were all set up, lit and the students heated up milk or water to make some hot chocolate before bed. There's much more to tell of course but the highlight for me was the real sense of fun and togetherness and teamwork. We all enjoyed each other's company and the students were impeccably behaved the whole time. Huge thanks to Mrs Digby for not only organising the camp but also overseeing the LECA YPA all year. It is a lot of work and we all appreciate what she does to encourage the students to complete their hours and hand in their cards. Thank you also to all the staff who contributed and especially those who gave up their time to supervise the students and help out at the camp. You're a fantastic team and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Well done to all the students who completed the award - you will receive your certificates at the Awards Evening and you have shown that you are more than ready to take the step up to Duke of Edinburgh when the time comes.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA