This week the Year 7s have shown what a resilient group they are. It's been a week of baseline testing in most subjects meaning that the students are moving from lesson to lesson to sit tests so we can see how much they know and what they can do. This will be translated into Mastery levels on Go4Schools so parents can see areas of strength and areas which need a little bit of  work. The mastery levels work like this:

Mastered: Able to accurately and independently produce work which demonstrates deep understanding and appreciation of a broad range of key concepts and ideas.

Secure: Able to produce work which shows secure, accurate understanding of key concepts and ideas.

Developing: Able to produce work which shows developing understanding of some key concepts and ideas but some misconceptions / errors.

Foundations: Able to produce, with help, work which shows some limited understanding of key concepts and ideas with some key misconceptions and inaccuracies.


Clearly to 'master' any topic or sub-topic is tough but we believe in setting the bar high and challenging our students. We also believe in challenging our teachers as it is our job to help and guide the students to achieve mastery in as many subjects as possible. If this happens we will be confident that our students will achieve excellent GCSE results when the time comes. Mastery levels will not only apply in Year 7 but across all the Year Groups meaning that all parents and students can see what areas are strong in and what areas might need some independent revision. With this in mind, our assembly theme next week is 'Independent Learners' and I will be talking about how we move through life and slowly add layers of independence at each stage. To support students we also have SAM Learning and other online platforms which are designed to help students 'plug gaps' as they go along.

Next week we finish the testing and we turn to The Skills Service for their annual visit to deliver their team enterprise session for Year 7 called 'Ducks'. This will be delivered on Thursday and the students will work in teams to 'purchase' resources, create products and manage their virtual business budget. This is always a fun event and we look forward to seeing the Year 7 work together for a common goal and win prizes.

Also on Thursday is our first open door event of the year as we invite Year 7 parents to drop in for a chat with their child's form tutor. We are operating a no appoint system on Thursday so parents are invited to drop in anytime from 3pm to 6pm. Year 7 tutors will be available in their rooms throughout the session and myself, Mr Tatham and Mr Richardson will also be around for discussions too.

For all parents we now operate an open consultation system all year round. That means you will all receive progress feedback by email, phone or face-to-face meetings over the course of the year but we are not limiting this to a one-off parents' evening. We also invite parents to email or call subject teachers directly for general feedback or to ask specific questions or to arrange a meeting, and our teachers will get back to you within 1 working day. With this system you can receive feedback at a time that is convenient to you and as often as you wish. We think this system is far more useful and relevant to parents and look forward to hearing your feedback about it as the year progresses.

Finally, we're really pleased to announce that we have published a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy which is in operation from now. Mental health has always been high on our agenda at LECA but these strategies and procedures highlight the day to day work we do and the wide range of approaches we use to ensure our students are well looked after. Thank you to Mr Tatham who has spearheaded this and championed this vital aspect of life at LECA. The document can be found on the 'Our School' menu on the academy website or you can link to it here.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA