It's been a while since I started a blog with sport but since we've just experienced one of the greatest summers of cricket ever and the Rugby World Cup has just kicked off it seemed appropriate. When our teams travel to Neale-Wade Academy there is always a sense of slight trepidation. It's a big school with huge year groups to pick their best players from so it's a tough place to go. It's even more tough because March town has a great rugby set-up and the Executive Principal, Mr Wing, is an ex-professional league player. So for the Year 7s to come away with a 50-55 loss was a fantastic effort. Louis was man of the match with some powerful runs and tackles and there were some flying tries which kept the game going this way and that. The girls came so close in the netball too losing by a point so all in all it was a brilliant effort for two teams who have not competed at this level before.

Back at LECA we were joined by the Skills Service on Thursday and a group of volunteers from a range of industry sectors for 'Ducks'. 'Ducks' is team event where Year 7 work together to build paper ducks according to whatever remit they are given. It starts simple and gets progressively harder with the teams earning points for good leadership and teamwork, politeness, safety (no running), smooth operations and so on. They have to buy resources, pay their team's wages and then sell good quality products in order to win. It was great to see the whole year group working together they behaved brilliantly for the whole event.

Also on Thursday was our first open door event for Year 7. This was a chance for Year 7 parents and students to come in for a quick chat about how school has started for them and to iron out any difficulties they are having. We had a steady flow of parents throughout the evening and it was great to meet again and talk about the transition. Once again, it was very positive and we hope more of parents take the opportunity to come in to talk over the year. All you need to do is call or email the teacher you want to see and they will get back to you. All of their details are on the website here.

Finally, with Options choices coming after Christmas, we have already started planning what subjects we can offer and how many groups we will need. To this end, the process started on Friday with Year 9 completing a 'mock Options' process. Once the final group has completed this on Monday morning we will crunch the numbers to get an idea of how popular subjects will be and then start planning the recruitment process for new teachers. It's another first for LECA but an important exercise and once which prompted lots of great discussions in tutor time on Friday. The students I spoke to seemed genuinely excited about next year and for some it really focused their minds on the kinds of things they really want to do. To help with the real thing, we will be holding an parent information evening all about Options before Christmas and then publishing a Key Stage 4 prospectus with everything our parents and students need to know. After Christmas we will hold an Options Fair so students and parents can also talk to subject teachers in more detail and we can guide students to the choices that are right for them. The dates for all these events will be published here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages in the coming weeks.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA