As the weeks roll on, the routines settle in and everyone at LECA is now in full flow. The 7s have settled brilliantly, the 8s have picked up where they left off and the 9s are leading the Academy and looking forward to choosing their Options next term. We exist in a world of 'firsts' at LECA every year! Obviously this is the first time we have executed the Options process but with support from the Trust and some key events coming up for students and parents, we're sure the process will be smooth and also exciting as we plot the way into Key Stage 4.

Our assemblies this term are based around the slogan we have adopted and the mantra we live by every day: We are INSPIRED. For parents who are new to LECA this stands for:

Independent Learners

Never Give Up

Solution Focused

Progress Driven





Thursday's assembly was all of this. Jason Miller joined us, truly a local Littleport superhero, as he talked about a horrific accident he came back from and the inspiring challenges he has set himself against all the odds. Jason is an inspiration to all of us and it was a privilege to welcome him to LECA. His stories were simply incredible and his exoskeleton was amazing. We thank him for taking the time to come in and blow the minds of our students!  

This week we open our doors again for Year 6 Open Evening on Thursday between 4pm and 7pm. We always enjoy welcoming our new prospective students and parents through the door and this is great opportunity to hear about the school, not just from the teachers but from the students too. Students are always the barometer and they are always honest about their experience at school, so we urge parents to talk to them and ask them as many questions as they wish. Around the site, the classrooms will be open for parents to tour and for students to take part in activities and there will be a presentation in the Hall at 6pm to talk about what makes LECA the unique place it is. We're hoping for a record turnout this year so please do come along.


Scott Gaskins,

Head of School, LECA