We love opening our doors at LECA and Year 6 Open Evening is probably our favourite night of the year. It's always exciting to meet prospective new students and their parents and show them the Academy. We are very proud of what we have built here and it's was great to see so many of our current students talking to people and showing them the different departments. The highlight for the me, however, was when four students, Noah, Chloe, Ruby and Alfie asked me, 15 minutes before I was due to present, if they could make a speech. I looked at them incredulously and said: 'Really?'. Equally incredulously they looked back and said: 'Yes.. we're going to write it now!' 

And they did. And what an amazing moment it was. In fact I'd go as far as to say it was in my top three proudest moments of being a teacher. Mr Tatham and I (with more than a little fear clear on our faces) watched them take the floor and deliver some truly lovely lines about the school and it's ethos and what they liked about it. It was genuinely unplanned and that made it even more special. Thank you to Noah and Chloe and Ruby and Alfie - you were all so brilliant.

Meanwhile, around the academy, the departments were in full flow and the kitchen was open for sample nibbles. A nice touch from Clare and her kitchen team was to show the comment cards collected from the students last year. Apart from the brutal honesty of some of them it was great for Clare to show how many she has responded to and adjusted the menu accordingly. Again, you'll go a long way to beat the food at LECA because we know how important it is to give our students a great deal which is also healthy, balanced and meets their dietary needs. 

Other than Open Evening, LECA had a quiet week by its normal standards! I dropped into lessons as normal and more than anything else I saw engaged, well behaved students being pushed hard by their teachers to make excellent progress. Our teachers, old and new, all look like they have been here since Day 1 with great lessons being taught and real stretch and challenge in every activity. Books are slowly being filled with high quality work and the students are engaging positively with our drive on oracy and group work.

Finally it was a good week for sport, especially the Year 9 Netballers who deserve a special mention. Our Year 9s had never won a game against any of the large schools they compete with so it was a sweet moment on Wednesday when they beat Thomas Clarkson. The girls were brilliant with some quick movement and interceptions to release Sienna and Libby to score the crucial points. Well done to all of you and let's hope we can build on this to win a few more this season.



Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA