In cricket they call it the 'nervous 90s' as you near the prestigious century mark. This is my 90th blog and it's more excitement than nerves as I write this. Nine more blogs to reach the century. I'm not comparing LECA to Ben Stokes during the Ashes at Headingley, but there will be a huge amount of satisfaction once we reach that magic 100 mark.

100 is indeed a magic number; as a percent it's the ultimate. We ask for 100%, from our students and staff, every day at LECA. 100% effort, 100% attendance, 100% determination, 100% driven by making great progress. It's a tough ask for everyone but in order to reach our collective and personal goals we always strive for 100% in everything we do.  This week we invited Henry Weir, an ex head of an outstanding school and an ex Ofsted inspector, to LECA for a day to help us evaluate where we are on our journey as an Academy. Henry spent the day dropping into classes, talking to students, scrutinising books, talking to staff and meeting with various members of the team to get a full picture of Academy life at LECA. At the end of the day he shared his insight and gave us invaluable advice but the overwhelming message was we're in a really strong, positive position. Henry said the curriculum was a strength and agreed that the traditional three year Key Stage 3 was the right path to follow; he said the students were 'a delight' and were really positive about learning at LECA; he said the teaching was strong and that the academy drive to promote mental health and personal development was a real strength. There was much more of course and we are delighted that Henry saw the Academy in the way we see it every day. We should say that this wasn't an Ofsted report - you will all know when that happens - but we were still extremely pleased with Henry's remarks and his positivity about LECA. Thank you to Henry for his time and we look forward to welcoming him to LECA again soon.

Time has passed quickly this half term and we are heading towards the half-term break with a great event to finish the week. On Thursday evening we have our annual awards ceremony where we celebrate the achievements of our Year 7s and 8s from last year. There are a number of awards to be presented including 34 100% attendance awards, the LECA YPA awards and many more. Invites were emailed to all award winners on Friday and we look forward to welcoming them and their guests to the ceremony on Thursday night. To capture the proud moments, Lee Brooker from Happy Days Photography will also be there providing his brilliant photo service as usual.

Finally for this half term - well done to all our students and staff. Everyone has worked extremely hard over the past seven weeks and you all deserve a well earned rest. Enjoy the break and we will see you all again on October 28th.