Charity has always been at the heart of LECA. Since we opened we have raised well over £5000 for local and national causes  with our focus always being on having a positive impact on those nearest to us.The local charities we have supported include the East Anglian Air Ambulance, Scotty's Little Soldiers, The Malcolm Whales Foundation and The Jon Egging Trust. Every year we also support the foodbank in Littleport too and Year 7 and 8 are currently creating and filling Christmas themed boxes to hand over to the food bank ready for Christmas. This week, like many other schools, we supported the national Children in Need campaign set up to offer help to children both at home and abroad. The charity is national phenomenon and we are proud to have contributed to this fantastic cause by 'wearing something spotty' for the day. There were some cool creations on show with Janie adorning her white shirt with multi-coloured mini pompoms and Bethany sporting some spotty Pudsey socks for all to see. Well done to all the students who took part - it was a great effort for a great cause.

Elsewhere in the academy we were working hard in the background to prepare for our Ofsted visit which we expect sometime this year. An inspection is a demanding experience for everyone and of course we want to be as prepared as possible when the time comes. Files are being created and staff are revising and refining their curriculum plans to ensure that what the inspection team sees in lessons matches what is being taught. This is a big shift from the inspections of old when so much pressure was on the teachers and their lesson observations. Most agree this is a positive change as a one-off lesson does not define the every day life of a school or indeed the teacher. One of the key foci from the new framework is the weight they place on what the students say to them. They will want to what they have learnt, what they enjoy, and whether they know how to improve. Again, a shift in focus but a positive one as the students are our key stakeholders and we must always be striving to do our best for them. 

In the classrooms more work is being done to prepare our students for their first set of assessments. On Wednesday evening, Mrs Radcliffe has organised a trip to Cineworld, Ely for a private screening of a live performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. So far over 80 students have signed up to the trip which will support their progress in English Literature. Plays were never meant to be read in classrooms so the opportunity to see a full performance is not one to be passed up. It brings the play alive and for those who struggle a little with the Shakespearean language it is a great opportunity to see it all come together.

Finally a word on the Active Learning Trust. Last week we formally welcomed Stephen Chamberlain to the ALT as its new CEO. Stephen joins us from Challenger Multi Academy Trust and has previously been Head and Executive Head in a number of successful schools. He was Executive Principal of Clacton Coastal Academy when it was in top 15 most improved academies nationally in 2010, and in the top three from the Eastern Region. We all very much look forward to working with Richard who will be visiting all of the schools in the Trust over the coming weeks.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA.