This week is another one of firsts for LECA. On Thursday we will hold our first ever careers fair and we will be welcoming over 20 exhibitors from a wide range of sectors to promote their industries to our students. The students will come down in year groups throughout the day and we will also be joined by Highfield Littleport and other students from our feeder schools. We're excited to host this event for the first time and hope that it is the first of many. Thanks go to Rebecca Sussex from our partners, The Skills Service, and to Jo Smith and Christina Emmess for the organisation.

Following the careers fair we have another first: Options Evening for Year 9 from 6pm to 7pm on Thursday. We know this is an eagerly awaited event and we're looking forward to sharing with parents what we intend to offer our students next year. Not only this but we will 'soft launching' Options Online, our brilliant options portal which makes the whole process streamlined and efficient. In essence, the portal will show all the choices available and give guidance as to what can and can't be picked together. It is then signed off by the students and parents from home and then automatically groups the students ready to be timetabled. In addition to the portal we will be talking about the content of courses and the exam requirements so once we launch the portal in the new year, students can make some informed choices. Of course, LECA is unique in many ways and one of them is that we currently don't have the teachers to deliver the courses! In the new year, however, we will be coordinating our biggest recruitment drive yet in order to be able to deliver a set of choices that caters for everyone. We look forward to welcoming Year 9 students and their parents to LECA on Thursday evening.

Elsewhere in the Academy it was business as usual last week with the exception of a special assembly delivered by our local police and PCSO team. It was a hard-hitting message about knife crime which sadly, as we're all aware, is becoming more and prevalent especially among young people. It seems every day we read about another fatal or life-changing attack and the key message on Tuesday was that carrying a knife actually increases your chances of being stabbed and seriously injured. In the last 12 months there were 44,000 attacks which involved a knife or a sharp implement. That's 3666 a month which on average is 122 a day. Shocking and saddening statistics if we consider how many lives each of those attacks has affected - not only the victim themselves but their friends, family and local communities. 

Finally, a reminder to parents which will aid the smooth running and safety of the Academy. Safeguarding is our number one priority at LECA and the first port of call is always our registers. When we have an unexplained absence we always follow this up with parents by calling them and any other contacts we have. However, we do urge parents to call in and leave a message first thing in the morning if your child is ill so we can avoid any delay or, worse, an authorised absence mark. We thank you in advance for your help with that.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA