Assessment weeks are tough. They are a test of resilience and determination as well as a test of knowledge and skill and the students at LECA have shown they have a winning combination of both. While the results are not in yet - we have another week to go yet - they have shown they are focused and working hard to produce the best results they can in each of their subjects. While walking around the school I saw classrooms that were quiet and the students were diligently working through their papers. With assessments, however, it's important to remember that everyone is different. People progress and 'get stuff' at different rates so the message to students is not to compare marks, rather to look inward and ask yourselves a few vital questions:

1) Did I revise for every mastery test and do additional homework when it was set?

2) Did I give it 100% in every lesson?

3) Did I ask for help if I needed it?

4) Did I go to any catch-up sessions that were offered?

5) Did I tell myself not to give up, even when the work was challenging?

6) Did I use reflection time in class to identify where I was going wrong and fix it?


The message to students is this: If you can honestly answer YES to all of the questions above, you've given yourself a brilliant chance to make great progress. If you can't, maybe there's one or two of them you could work on from now on.

Friday's Twelve Hours of Sport was made all the more impressive because it fell on assessment week. After 4 days of testing, an incredible 91 students took part in this gruelling annual event in support of The Malcolm Whales Foundation, joining 5 other local schools to raise money for this amazing cause. Over the 6 schools, the event will raise thousands of pounds and it was great to see the Twitter feed going viral as more and more photos and videos were posted throughout the day.Thank you to all the people who retweeted and liked to help raise awareness even further. The activities were many and varied: Table Tennis, Clubbercise (with thanks to the Leisure Centre), Badminton, Football, Speed Stacking, Trampolining, Korfball (with thanks to Ely Vikings for the lessons and the games) and much more. My personal highlights were watching Sky perform some superb technical routines on the Trampoline; doubling up with Libby to play badminton against the very competitive Jess, Grace, Sienna and Paige and watching Mr Tatham emerge from the field at 4pm, soaked from head to foot after 'volunteering' to take a football session. The students were absolutely fantastic and the event ran brilliantly thanks to the organisation by the PE Department, Christina Emmess and James Mortlock, and the support throughout the day from the LECA teachers and TAs. Thanks and well done to all of you for another great charity event at LECA. I hope you've all had a well earned rest this weekend!


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA