I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

There has been a huge amount of news coverage and speculation around schools re-opening in the last seven days. At LECA we are in a slightly odd position of having none of the year groups on roll  that the Government would like to return in June. I say odd because, despite what some of the media would have people believe, I guarantee that schools want to be open! We do this job for one reason and that is to educate young people and set them on their way in life. All teachers teach because they want to make a difference to their students. However, teachers who are unnecessarily put at risk and then are off sick for two weeks (or worse) and therefore cannot teach those students either in person or remotely are frankly no good to anyone. I understand the frustrations people have with this situation and, as many of you know, we are currently working closely with the Active Learning Trust to ensure that when we have the all-clear to open we will be ready. We have multiple plans in place for various eventualities and the brilliant team at LECA will do everything possible to keep students and staff safe whenever that may be.

At school, we have made some aesthetic changes to make the return to LECA even more welcoming and positive when students come back. We've had 60 A3 picture frames delivered and between us we have mounted 30 of them on the walls showing our students doing some amazing things: in court, on the ski-slopes, at the Big Bang, playing music, acting, problem solving and much more. 30 more will go up this week as well as 10 more cabinet notice boards to house student work and general information. Also, the long wall outside Art will become a gallery of outstanding work - another space to celebrate the work of our students. In essence these are small changes but when you see them, the impact is huge. You just can't help but smile when you walk past and look at what the students have done since they've been at LECA. As soon we're able to, we'll open the doors to parents so you can see it too.

In the background, much work is now being done on timetables and curriculum design. It is a minefield to say the least but Mr Hughes is doing a fantastic job balancing exam board guidance, DfE requirements and, obviously, the teaching capacity of the staff. It's a massive puzzle which we've nearly finished and the final pieces will be placed into position this week. Of course, a staged re-opening may well mobilise Plan B but at least we have a Plan B - thanks to the great work of the planning team.

Also in the background we have received a number of strong applications for the positions we are currently advertising in support roles. If you seen them and haven't applied - look again! It's a great place to work and you will join a brilliant team if you're successful. If you haven't seen them, it's not too late. Head here http://lecacademy.org/job-vacancies to have a look at what positions we need to fill. There is literally something for everyone.

Finally  - a lighthearted 'shout out' to Mrs Hedges. By email on Friday she took the time to email me to inform me she had won the staff quiz. Unfortunately I could not be there to witness it so I am urgently seeking verification from those who did take part but in the meantime, well done Mrs (and Mr) Hedges - a second win in the series! 

Further updates about re-opening will follow this week but in the meantime, stay safe and we will see you all soon.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA