Firstly - Happy Bank Holiday. It's a beautiful day and I'm guessing that most of you will be out in your gardens or in the park and certainly not reading this! I will, therefore, keep it short.

Some tough decisions are being made by school leaders across the country as we speak. How do they open their schools on June 1st? How do they protect their students and their staff? How do they maintain social distancing while also educating the students? It's a puzzle but of all the people I have ever worked with, teachers are incredibly solution-focused. Whatever the challenge, they can rise to it. Detailed risk assessments are being written and submitted to local authorities and Trust leaders and with these layers of scrutiny I know that every head of every school will be doing everything they can to open on June 1st. The next step is then more analysis, reworking of the plan, refinement and the protocols will get stronger and more robust. We only have to look at the supermarkets to see this. At the beginning of the lockdown, there weren't any screens ups or marking on the floors or one-way systems or the 'now normal' queues. All of these are in place now and schools have learnt much from what has come before us. It will be hard but the teachers and support staff in every school will come together and they will get it right. 

Now more than ever we need the support of our parents because getting the balance right between ultra vigilance and safety will not be easy. At LECA, we have a phrase we use all time - 'warm demander'. We have been committed to the principle that we will build relationships with our students (and our parents) from Day 1 and will work closely with the students to ensure they are safe and conducting themselves in considerate way. To this end, you will find a brand new document on the website that all students will sign when they return - Student Conduct at LECA. It is live now and it contains no rules! Instead we have a series of clear expectations for our students and these will maintain the positive culture we have already created. We hope you like it and I'm sure the students will see the value of us 'warmly demanding' that these standards remain high.

While you are on the website, do have a good look around. Mrs Hedges has done some amazing work improving the site and it looks fantastic. There are is a brand new area for students which has links to all the curriculum areas and to the ever-growing department websites, YouTube channels and social media sites. Please do encourage your children to have a look and if you're not a parent do have a delve into our resources and links - there are masses on there.

Finally, I want to thank you all for the support and encouragement throughout this unique period of our short history as a school. We have received literally hundreds of comments, emails and pictures filled with positivity and every one makes huge difference to us.  This year we would have had our first Ofsted report but alas this won't happen now. In the meantime, I have a plea - at the moment we have one anonymous 1 star rating on Google Reviews with no comment attached to it. If that is you, please do get in touch so we can discuss how we've let you down and improve your experience at LECA. Clearly we'd also like to improve this rating (which we feel is a little unbalanced!) so if you have a moment please do give us a rating and a short comment on Google to tell the world what you think of us!

Have a lovely half term and stay safe.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA.