Good Afternoon All! 

Welcome to my 'one-off 'blog as part of my website training!  It is in fact extremely useful because it gives me a great opportunity to tell you about all the positive changes that have been made.  We have been working really hard putting things in the right places for you to find (nothing should be any further than 3 clicks away).  You will find that the search bar is now at the top right hand side of the site (and visible on each page you click on).  We have also introduced a new absence reporting feature next to it (this will send an email through to the office when you submit the online form).  The Duke of Edinburgh page, Uniform and Mental Health (School and Student areas) have had lots of information added to them in recent weeks - and we are in the process of producing a transition page for our upcoming Year 7's, so please watch this space. 

We have created a new student tab, and already have made changes to improve it - thanks to Hannah and her mum!  We have added in lots of pictures, links and information all over the site.  I think we have pretty much updated every single page!  We have also added in a page about our House System and revealed our brand new House logos!   Another great feature is our 'Contact Us' page.  It was always there - but you now have the option to contact some key people directly from this page without having to look up their email address.  Of course we are always open to suggestions and there is still some work to do - but I hope you will be pleased with it and find it a useful resource.  

If you have any feedback - please email


Jo Hedges

Administrative Assistant, LECA