Good morning and I hope you're all well. It's another beautiful day so I'm sure you will be out and about and hopefully making the most of the slight lifting of restrictions to reconnect with loved ones you haven't seen for a long time. For those people, in singular isolation for weeks and weeks, the lockdown must have been so difficult. Even for those with family around them in the same house the lockdown has been trying to say the least, so it must be amazing for those who have lived in isolation to see people once again.

On Thursday last week something happened that shook me to the core. The Earth jolted on it's axis. Somewhere, a dog barked. A clear and obvious example of audacity and bare-faced cheek. I have written well over a hundred blogs for LECA. I have used this platform to celebrate the myraid of successes our students have enjoyed and to chart the journey of our school since well before we opened. And then this: What?! I did not write this! Who is this imposter? Had I been hacked? 

Mrs Hedges. In recent weeks you will have noted that Mrs Hedges has received much praise and positive feedback for the work she has done on the website and clearly this seems to have gone to her head! Hijack my blog? Unbelievable. Having said all of that (all in jest of course), what a job she has done. If you haven't explored it recently or are a new parent reading this, I urge you to spend some time looking around. It has a fresh, lively, interactive feel and is absolutely packed with all the information you need and much much more. And it's only going to get better too, so please do visit it regularly to experience the new content and the user-friendly additions that have been added. It's a great piece of work. 

In the background, the focus is on Transition now. We know that this Transition is the most unusual one that students and parents will ever experience. Usually we would have invited students in for a couple of days, run a pop-up uniform shop, run Q+A sessions and had a sports day. Of course, none of this is possible this year but we're working hard to keep the information flowing and to ease the stresses so you can enjoy the summer holiday. This week we're finishing off a video which will be available for all new Year 7s. It will include a walkthrough of the site and few cameos from some teachers and students too. In addition to this we have already sent the uniform brochure out and are are busy inputting the new starters into our databases so they will be ready for September. A live Transition, at this moment in time, is not possible but we are still hoping that we can spend some time with Year 7 in September before the other students are in. We will of course keep all new parents posted so do keep checking your emails for updates. If we are allowed to do it, we will.

The work for Year 9 into 10 has started flowing now which is really pleasing. What's even more impressive is that staff who haven't even started at LECA yet have happily got involved with sending work meaning that all students should now have plenty of pre-course tasks and reading to do this half term and over the summer. Thank you so much to those people in particular. This work is absolutely vital. It will bridge the gap between Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and ensure that Year 10 hit the ground running when their courses start properly in September. Therefore, can I ask parents to monitor the completion of this work closely to help us ensure that the students have the best possible chances of success in their KS4 courses. We are here to help as always so please do get in touch with the subject teachers if you need any help or guidance. 

Finally, a thank you to all the support staff at LECA.There have been many changes to deal with and everyone has pulled together brilliantly. Our TAs have been Zooming classes, our site team have been keeping us clean and safe as well as helping us make some fantastic aesthetic changes with new notice boards and framed pictures. In admin, with the recruitment drive all but over, the legal paperwork starts and this is a mountain of work. You all know who you are and I thank you for all the work you're doing. In my humble opinion, Team LECA, from support staff to the teachers to the leadership team, has never been stronger.

Take care and stay safe. And don't worry about the blog being hijacked - it won't happen again.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA