At LECA we like to buck the trend. This week average attendance in state schools was 90%. LECA's was 95%. What does this tell us? That our parents support us and our students want to be here. This is an outstanding result considering the circumstances we are working under and may well also be due to a simple flow chart we published on our Facebook page which has now reached over 2500 people due to likes and shares. If you haven't seen it, it guides parents to making informed decisions about whether to send their child to school or not, depending on what symptoms they have. It's brilliantly simple and I am certain this has guided many parents this week and ensured we have had as many students through the door as possible. 

This week, in preparation for catch-up funding being released, we have been testing students to map out their gaps in knowledge and measure their wellbeing. To do this we use nationally benchmarked online tests meaning that our students scores are measured against thousands of others accross the UK. Once we have these, we will use the funding to design further interventions in order to plug the gaps and also ensure that any student who needs some wellbeing support will receive it. So far what has been abundantly clear is that most of our students are incredibly resilient. They have bounced back with determination and resolve and they are working incredibly hard in classes and during form time, in which we've rolled out numeracy and literacy programmes delivered by our form tutors. 

To support learning after the school day, we will be gradually introducing homework clubs and extra-curricular clubs operating in year group bubbles. Normally, of course, these would be up and running by now but it is important we have our hygiene procedures in place and working beforehand. Each faculty area has been tasked to ensure these are in place and some of them are starting next week. 

Year 6 Open Evening is also high on our priority list and this year we're planning a fantastic evening of online events that will give you all a great taste of LECA life. The evening will be launched by our virtual tour - an incredible video featuring lessons in full flow during the school day. For us, this is even better than an Open Evening as it shows the school in a natural light rather than one after hours. You will see lots of footage of students completely engaged with their learning and, most importantly enjoying being back at school. You will also see some fantastic shots of our state-of-the-art building showing what an inspiring place LECA is to learn in.

In addition to the virtual tour, you'll have the opportunity to listen to a podcast featuring a group of our new Year 7s talking about their first impressions. This was a completely spontaneous recording with Mr Tatham and will be a real highlight of our online event - we're sure you'll enjoying hearing the uncut views of our new students! Following the video, we'll launch a live presentation which you will be able to access on any device. The link to will be sent out via email to all parents, new and 'old', and you can see and hear exactly what LECA has to offer. Then, after the presentation, there will be a live Q+A session where prospective parents can post questions in our chat box and we will answer them there and then. We want to be as open and responsive to parents as possible and this is a great opportunity to talk to us and have all your questions answered. We hope that you will enjoy what we've got in store for you.

A word on behaviour in the community. At LECA we pride ourselves on the good behaviour of our students at school. The vast majority of students behave impeccably both in school and on the way home. On Friday evening I was alerted to a Facebook post from a resident describing how impressed she was by our young people as they walked to school. They were polite and happy and looked really smart. There followed a number of other posts and replies all saying much the same thing. It was lovely to read. Unfortunately, we know a very small minority of students occasionally let us down in the community but please be assured that, wherever possible, we will deal with these students as if they are at school. They represent LECA and they represent Littleport and we should all expect the behaviour we see in school to be replicated outside of school. 

Finally - keep in touch with everything we are doing by following our social media  - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Not only do we share what we've been doing but there is also a constant flow of great resources and events to support parents and students. Likewise  - please do share this blog with parents of students in Year 6 so they can all get a taste of LECA life. Thank you for your support.


Scott Gaskins

Principal, LECA