Assessment weeks are tough. And all the more tough after such a long break in education. That being said, our Year 10s have been brilliant this week. They have been focused and determined and in the conversations I have had with a lot of them they realise that these assessments are are a necessary step in the journey. We need to know what they know. More importantly, we need to know what they don't know so we can adapt what we teach to plug the gaps. In the next few weeks you will see the numbers appear in Go4Schools and the analysis will highlight what are next actions must be. For some students, it will be 'keep doing what you're doing', for others it will be a wake-up call. Either way, the hard work must continue.

'Atomic Habits' is a book I really like by James Clear. Some of you might have seen it referenced on my emails if you've been in touch with me recently. On Thursday I had a conversation with a student and our discussion turned to habits. I asked what his 'routine' was when he went home after school. I won't go into the details but let's just say it was not conducive to good home learning! Most people know it takes six weeks to form a habit but the trick to do it more quickly is to make the change really small. Atomic in fact. Then, according to Clear, you add another atomic habit and another until you've made a series of small changes that suddenly make huge difference. A life changing difference in some cases. Of course, they all still take some resilience and determination but nothing good comes easy does it? I hope that student makes some small changes that make a big difference and I hope that other students start to think about what atomic habits to form and what habits to break.

With the National Tiers coming into play next week, it is time for myself and my leaders at LECA to revisit our  day-to-day operations. A few concerned parents have written to me asking about when we can start  the transition back to 'normal' and I hope to be able to inform you about some positive changes we can make in readiness for January. As always it is safety first but if we agree that we can return to some movement around the Academy and the return of different groups and sets, we will do that. We do ask for your patience with this and as always we need to comply with national guidance.

The house system has taken a back step since the first lockdown but with the end in sight, we have completely redesigned the system and will have some brand new figureheads. While the current figureheads represent British leaders from politics, the arts and sport, we feel strongly that they should be more respresentative and celebrate the diversity of the whole world. I can't reveal the names of the leaders yet because they will be voted on by our students in a democratic election. Some names to look out for include Ali, Turing, Kahlo and Franklin but the students will choose their favourites next week.


Have a great week.


Scott Gaskins

Principal, LECA