Last week I wrote about behaviour for learning and raising the bar with our students and teachers to increase engagement levels in class. This week we took a close look at learning in lessons and focussed on two questions: What are the students doing and why are they doing it? 

These might seem like two simple questions to answer but they are not. Sometimes tasks do not activate or demonstrate learning. They are linked to the  topic but do they allow students to learn? Again, we've raised the bar with our teachers over the past few weeks and we've challenged them deconstruct their lesson planning to ensure this happens. With a team like the one we have at LECA, I'm sure they will rise to the challenge.

This term is, of course, about planning for the future and we have already made some significant appointments to the teaching team. These include a subject specialist in RE, another drama and music teacher, another Spanish specialist and additional English and Maths teachers. More will follow and then we will be looking for further support staff next half term. If you want to work in a forward-thinking, modern Academy with a great team, do look out for the adverts in the coming weeks.

This week Mrs Eastham successfully interviewed our first ever group of junior and senior prefects. This project has been two years in the making and finally we were able to roll it out and appoint our first team. And what a team it is! If ever a group of students embodied what INSPIRED means, this is the group. We're really proud of them for stepping forward and we're looking forward to developing them as leaders who can help us improve the school even more. Well done to all of you and thank you to Mrs Eastham for making it happen.

The next step to normality is the exciting re-launch of the House system next week. Again, this has been paused for over a year now but now we are on the road to normal operations, we can push on and get those activities going again. We've all missed it and it's great to be starting it up again. 

The same goes for the Duke of Edinburgh award - after a pause of a year, Mrs Emmess and her team are back on track with their groups and training walks and expeditions are planned and ready to go. This is landmark year for the award at LECA with a bronze and silver group for the first time. Well done and thank you to Mrs Emmess who has doggedly kept the momentum of the award in such difficult circumstances.

Once again I thank all of my team for all their hard work. We raise the bar and they keep flying over it with their teaching, their support and their resilience. Everyone's part is so important in a school and working together as team means that we can always do the very best for our students.


Scott Gaskins

Principal, LECA