Normality is a step closer tomorrow. The rules change again and we can meet indoors and sit inside a pub a restaurant for the first time since December. For schools, the rules change again too. Face coverings are no longer mandatory and parents will have received a short communication home to this effect last week. We do ask however, that our students do still bring a face covering with them because teachers may well need them to be used. We have rightly left this to the discretion of each teacher who must each make a judgement about safety in their individual teaching spaces.

Last week the steps towards normality were clear and fantastic to see. The new student council was formed and enjoyed a buffet lunch in the main hall with Mrs Eastham and other staff members. Then, on Friday, the first Duke of Edinburgh Award practice walk gathered in the dining hall, donned their walking gear, packed their rucksacks and disappeared into the East Cambs countryside for an eight mile trek. The weather forecast wasn't great but their spirits were high and they all returned, tired and red-faced a few hours later after successfully navigating the route and avoiding the rain. Well done to all of the intrepid walkers and a massive thanks to all of the staff who made it happen and ensured they were safe. It has been a long time coming but we're finally moving forward in the right direction.

Behind the scenes, lots of other work is being done to support the students and the school as we move towards full capacity in September. Brand new curriculums are being designed, new posts are being created for new and existing staff, policies are being updated, operational changes are being made. This is the essence of moving forward - managing changes successfully and ensuring that we have the right systems and people in the right places to move on. 

Finally a word on transition. We are starting our visits to our primary schools but the final plans for transition days are yet to be made. We, like all other schools, must follow the guidance closely and that guidance does change frequently! Once it is clear what we are able to do and what we can't, we will write to our Year 6 parents and give them all the information they need to ensure their child has smooth and enjoyable transition to LECA. It's important we get this moment right and we want to give them the most positive experience we possibly can. 


Scott Gaskins

Principal, LECA