'Normal' is strange word. We all have our definitions of what it is and over the past two years everything which was supposedly normal seems to have been turned on its head. This week the news turned to international travel with travel companies desperate to begin offering the full range of destinations. Of course this isn't possible right now but they, like so many other industries, have to start fully recovering soon.

'Normal' in schools is everything we remember from childhood: lessons, teachers, break, lunch, seeing friends, sport and extra-curricular. At last it seems LECA, like many other schools, is moving back to a real sense of normal. This week we made another great step with Year 10 experiencing a fantastic week of work-based activities ranging from interviews, personal statements, problem solving, team work and so much more. It has been a week that reminded us all what school is about. It's not just about lessons and grades; it's about preparing our students for their next steps and teaching them the 'soft skills' they needs to succeed in the workplace. Year 10 have been brilliant this week. They have been positive and engaged superbly and I hope the experiences they have been involved with have ignited some fires and reinvigorated their aspirations. A massive thanks goes to Jo Smith and Christina Emmess for planning and delivering the week for Year 10 and further thanks go to all the people (internal and external) who contributed this week. 

In between, Dr Wombwell and her Eco Group set off to make a difference to the LECA campus by embarking on a litter pick. With the spotlight firmly on the environment in recent years, it was great to see the group commit to clear discarded litter and plastic and restore the site to looking tidy and welcoming. Thank you to Dr Wombwell for organising the group and well done to all the students who stepped forward to do their bit.

On Friday, the Duke of Edinburgh were off on expedition again, this time with Year 9. It was a drizzly start to the day but it brightened up considerably as the morning drew on and they looked set for a pleasant walk. Again, Mrs Emmess is to thank for her co-ordination and training and thank you to all the staff giving up their weekends to supervise the students and keep them safe. 

Also on Friday the Pop Up Church returned after nearly a two year absence. How good was it to see some old friends and some new ones back on the campus again! Rev Madeleine Albert and her volunteers mingled with the Year 7 students and played 'get-to-know-you' games to re-establish the strong link we have always had with St George's Church and the other churches in Littleport. It's been a long time and it was great to see them back at LECA on a Friday lunchtime once again.

In school, the move back to normal classrooms and the addition of breaks has really changed the atmosphere for the better. That sense of normality cannot be underestimated and most of the students have clearly responded well to the positive changes we have made. The teachers, too, are back in their spaces with refreshed displays and tidy classrooms contributing to the positive learning environment across the school. 

Next week we turn towards planning transition. We're obviously saddened by the pause in the roadmap but we are determined to do everything we can to ensure Year 6 have a positive experience and all those burning questions are answered before the summer holidays begin. We look forward to working with each and every one of our new students and parents and can't wait to meet them all as soon as we can.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School