Sometimes it's hard to know where time goes. During lockdown the days were long and slow and the boredom for some people was painful. Now, life seems to have sped back up again and often we get to the end of the day and wonder where it went. It's been like that at school this week - where did that week go?

Lots is happening behind the scenes at LECA and that means lots of meetings and planning. For the subject leaders, the work continues on their new curriculums. The common framework for each curriculum has been masterminded by Chris Jones, Assistant Head, who has spent the last 2 years researching curriculum design and delivered a huge amount of training for our staff so they are fully armed with the knowledge to create an absolutely fantastic offer for our students. The INSPIRED Curriculum, due for launch in September, is written specifically for the students of Littleport. It draws in local interest, exposes them to arts and music and feeds in cultural knowledge from around the world. Each subject feeds in with their unique aspect and the result will be that our curriculum will be rich and diverse and exciting. We can't wait to share it with our students and we feel sure that they will really enjoy and value their education at LECA more than ever. Well done and thank you to Chris for the massive amount of work he has done.

It was great to see an email from Mr Hughes (Head of PE) the other day which had the proposed sporting fixtures attached to it for next year. Finally, we can plan to form sports teams in September and I can get back out on the touchline or courtside to cheer on our teams. We were making such good progress with our teams before lockdown, especially as the new school on the block, and I look forward to seeing our teams reform and start winning again. No pressure on Mr Hughes but we need some trophies next year  -  I'm sure he's the person to deliver them!

Also in the background we are raising the bar with some of our daily procedures and policies. A brand new behaviour policy will be published on the website over the summer alongside a completely updated anti-bullying policy too. These are vital to the safety and wellbeing of our students and so important to ensure that disruption to learning is always kept to an absolute minimum. We pride ourselves on the way that the vast majority of our students conduct themselves and we are now looking for the small minority who sometimes don't to follow suit. Most of them will be role models to our new Year 7s who will always look to the older students to set the example.

Finally I have another thank you. Christina Emmess joined us in our second year of operation and quickly established herself as a fantastic leader of the school. For the past two years she has been an Assistant Head at LECA and is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She is a leader and do-er and right to the end of this week she was out on duty, meeting with staff and tying up loose ends before she leaves us. Christina has been instrumental in leading the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Careers and Transition, all of which have been hugely successful.  Now in her final trimester of pregnancy, it's time to say goodbye and to wish her all the very best of luck in the next few life-changing months ahead! Christina will be hugely missed at LECA during that time and I'm already looking forward to welcoming her back this time next year. Good luck Christina - we all wish you and baby health and happiness and we will see you soon.


Scott Gaskins

Head of School, LECA