Headlines 127

No amount of leadership 'training' really prepares you for happened this week. Don't get me wrong - we had planned for closures of all types: lack of staff, positive COVID case, full closure, bubble closure and so on. But leadership isn't just about scenario planning, it's also about setting the…

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Headlines 126

Normally after an Open Evening I would be writing about how exciting it was to see so many prospective parents and students at the Academy and praising my staff and the student guides for their ethusiasm and commitment. This year was a little different to say the least! 

The virtual opening…

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Headlines 125 - Open Evening

I wouldn't normally talk about what is said in a full staff briefing. Most of it is operational and pretty dull to those not inside the Academy (some staff might argue that it's pretty dull if you're inside the Academy but that's another story); lots of reminders and 'heads ups' about the…

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Headlines 124

This week at LECA was all about embedding our routines while also introducing new ones. Following the government announcement of new social restrictions after an increase in the R-rate, we took the decision to introduce face coverings throughout the school in communal areas. Again, we thank our…

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Headlines 123

At LECA we like to buck the trend. This week average attendance in state schools was 90%. LECA's was 95%. What does this tell us? That our parents support us and our students want to be here. This is an outstanding result considering the circumstances we are working under and may well also be due…

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Headlines 122 - New Routines and Good Habits

Sometimes you don't quite know how something will go until you do it. We meticulously planned our re-opening strategy during the summer but until staff and students came into the building on Monday, we were never 100% sure it would all go to plan. I'd be lying if I said it was perfect this week-…

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Headlines 121

This is the final blog of the academic year - one that, in equal doses, we want to remember and forget! When we remember things we often create details or forget details. We focus on the 'peaks' and these create a distorted memory. For example, if you go to Alton Towers, the chances are you won't…

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Headlines 120

Good afternoon - I hope you're all well.

We are now less than two weeks away from the end of the most unique of academic years. None of us have ever seen or experienced anything like this before. September started the year with such excitement and energy as it always does- new year 7s joining…

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Headlines 119 - Megabubbles

This week finally brought some clarity to what secondary school life will look like in September following weeks of speculation. A new word has burst (!) into our vocabulary – Megabubbles. It sounds a bit like some kind of new summer toy doesn’t it? Gone are the days of normal-sized bubbles – now…

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Headlines 118

Hello  - I hope you're all keeping safe and well.

This weekend should have been The Glastonbury Festival - a totally unique event in the global music calendar that has attracted millions of music-lovers in its 50 year history. This, like so many other public events however, had to be cancelled…

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Headlines 117

I hope you're all keeping well.

In the past few months the world has changed and some people think that it will never quite return to how it was before; we have entered the 'new normal'. As I wandered around Ely Market on Saturday morning - the first time I had ventured to the shops since we…

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Headlines 116

Good morning and I hope you're all well. It's another beautiful day so I'm sure you will be out and about and hopefully making the most of the slight lifting of restrictions to reconnect with loved ones you haven't seen for a long time. For those people, in singular isolation for weeks and weeks,…

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