New Staff Introductions

In a repeat of last year's blog, we're delighted to introduce the new additions to the teaching team. We're sure you will agree that these teachers will add strength in depth to an already superb group.

Daniel Hughes - Science

Daniel is very much local to this area; he grew up in Cottenham,…

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Headlines 42

Looking back over the blogs I've written, there hasn't been a week that's passed without some form of enrichment opportunity that has taken place outside of the classrooms. Whether it be the brave travels of our sports teams or a visit to the Big Bang or a tour round a local factory, we've managed…

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Headlines 41

Monday marked the beginning of the final term in our first year and, fittingly for the summer term, we were welcomed back in glorious sunshine. Uniforms were relaxed for the week and in a combination of Mr Tatham's athletics lessons and basking in the sun at break and lunch, the students were…

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Headlines 40

40 blogs in and we are almost at the end of another busy term at LECA. This time last year we had just conducted our first public site walk around the Academy and it's fair to say we all had to use a little imagination to picture what a fantastic building it would turn into. Over the last six…

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Headlines 39

The week began with another fine performance from the girls football team with Paige Tucker again scoring (2) and Leah Dews Richardson adding a third in a 3-1 win against Thomas Clarkson. The boys didn't fair as well, losing 3-0, but Oliver Cunningham once again showed some real leadership on the…

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Headline 38

Music has a vital part to play in cognitive development and wellbeing both inside schools and outside of them. As a musician who started playing at school and continued throughout my adult life, there are fewer things that have brought me more joy than playing music on my own or as part of band or…

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Headlines 37

Snow always makes for an interesting week at school and it was great to be able to remain open despite the artic weather conditions. Credit goes to all the staff who braved difficult conditions to get to work and ensure we were able to deliver a normal curriculum. Thanks also goes to to our site…

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Headlines 36

The students at LECA never cease to surprise us. This week, Hannah Townsend and Jorja Williams both handed in completed activity cards for their LECA Young Persons Award meaning that they have both completed 40 hours of extra curricular activity since January. This is an outstanding achievement…

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Headlines 35

On the opening day, back in September, we talked in assembly about taking opportunities whenever they are offered and I would say this cohort has done just that and more. It is fantastic to see, for example, so many of our students with the LECA Young Persons Award record cards in their pockets…

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Headlines 34

This week our guest speaker in assembly was Sgt Phil Priestly. Sgt Priestly is an E-Safety expert and has worked in East Cambs for 3 years and Cambridgeshire Police for 13 years. His knowledge of the immense changes in the online world is second to none and the students were reminded of the…

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Headlines 33

It was another busy week at LECA and the students have once again shown what a brilliant group they are. Student Council met for the second time this year bringing to the table a host of excellent ideas and suggestions. To show the power of student voice, here is a list of things we did as a…

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Happy New Year 2018

First and foremost, from everyone at LECA, happy new year. We hope you all had a good Christmas and we now look forward to an exciting 2018.

Term started with the launch of the LECA Young Persons Award (LECA YPA) on Monday. The award is designed to prepare the students for the Duke of Edinburgh…

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