Headlines 25

Last week began with two more fixtures, this time at Witchford Village College. Again, both teams returned defeated but not deflated and again more improvements were seen. Most encouraging was the increasing numbers at practice on Wednesday despite the defeats showing the immense growth mindset of…

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Headlines 24

The fixtures continued this week with Netball and Rugby against our local rivals, Ely College. Both ended in defeat but both showed massive improvements on the last outing with the girls and boys improving their scoring. What was more impressive was the growth mindset shown by both teams. Rather…

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Headlines 23

The week began with our first ever sports fixtures, hosted by Neale Wade Academy. LECA sent rugby and netball teams to Fenland and performed bravely against NWA but came away without wins. The task going forward is to build on the positives and learn from mistakes, something that is central to our…

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Headlines 22

The highlight of this week was our Open Evening when hundreds of local people were able to visit the Academy for tours led by students. The students themselves were bristling with pride to show people around and every comment I heard about them was positive. They were polite, friendly,…

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The work begins

Following our busy opening week, Littleport and East Cambs Academy began the work of baseline testing all of the new cohort in each subject. This will give each student a clear 'flightpath' to follow this year and ensure we have a constant reminder of how much progress students are making. In each…

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Growth Mindset Rules at LECA

We said from Day 1 we would promote Growth Mindset and that is what we have done all week. From egg drops to building bridges, Japanese to speed stacking, every lesson of every day has given us countless examples of determination, resilience and outstanding progress from our students. They are…

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Headlines 21 - Up and Running

Having spent the whole week on site and seeing the amazing progress every day, the Academy is ready. 

Littleport and East Cambridgshire Academy students truly have an outstanding and unique campus to enjoy for the next five years. With superb facilities and a talented team of teachers and…

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Headlines 20

It was a busy week at Neale Wade Academy this week as they hosted 400 rising Year 7s for Transition week. Amoung them, the entire cohort for LECA and it was great to see the students once again mixing together, working together and spending breaks and lunch together. They were all taught by Miss…

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Headlines 19

Many of you will have seen pictures from the staff induction and site walk last week and I'm sure you will agree that the building, both inside and out, is looking fantastic. Many of the rooms are now complete with the walls and floors being protected while finishing touches are added. The…

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Headlines 18 - Pen Portraits

For this week’s blog, here are some pen portraits of the highly experienced teaching team at LECA.


Miss C Harrison – English and Drama

Miss Harrison has been teaching English for nearly 15 years. She is currently Head of Key Stage 3 English at Neale Wade Academy, and also teaches GCSE…

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Headlines 17

The visits to schools continued this week with a drop into Downham Feoffees Primary School to meet parents and students and their Year 6 teacher. The students appeared genuinely excited about their new school and it was great to talk to them and answer their questions.Thank you to the staff who…

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Headlines 16

Between this and the last blog, more excellent progress has been made both on site and behind the scenes.

During half term, we had The Cambridge News on site to see first hand the impressive buildings on the campus and to discuss the vision of both LECA and Highfield Littleport. Together with…

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