Headlines 79

Literacy drives everything we do in life. So often though, as we grow up, the pull of the screen outweighs the pull of the page. At LECA we're doing lots to promote literacy and the spoken word and this week demonstrated that in abundance. From Monday to Thursday we were visited by bestselling…

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Headlines 78

One thing we pride ourselves on at LECA is our sense of community cohesion. Little did we know back in 2017 that our community would grow in the way that it has. On Thursday evening we opened our doors to welcome children from Year 5 and their parents and they came from far and wide! In…

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Headlines 77 - Taking Steps

As the saying goes: 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. Never has this been more true with the journey of students through secondary school. Each step on their journey brings them closer to those final exams and the beginning of a new journey when they leave. But exams are…

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Headlines 76

Unusually for us it was a quiet week, with teachers and students concentrating firmly on our core business: teaching and learning. As ever though, in the background, we're working harder than ever to improve all aspects of Academy life. In the main recreation area outside, for example, we have…

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Headlines 75

This term we make our final preparations for an important year for LECA. All the work we have done in the last 2 years and all the work we are doing now is heading towards our first Ofsted inspection, due from September 2019 onwards. It's one of those double-edged swords: in some ways we welcome…

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Headlines 74

Following the Easter break and the fantastic weather for the bank holiday, it was back to work at LECA to begin our final term of the year and as usual we have lots to look forward to including Transition, Sports Day, the LECA YPA camp, the Dorset Walk and much more.

Last week we had the…

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Headlines 73

Following a really busy term with lots of enrichment, last week was a little quieter and we returned to classes as normal.

Of course, we like to think that we do things a little differently at LECA, finding imaginative ways to engage the students and help them make progress. It wasn't a massive…

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Headlines 72

Last week the Arts enrichment continued as did our strengthening relationship with Kings School, Ely. On Tuesday, we welcomed Kings into our Main Hall together with our students to watch an hours performance of Oresteia by Aeschylus. Aeschylus is often described by scholars as 'the father of Greek…

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Headlines 71

What a week! 

On a purely selfish and personal level I'm going to start with reporting back on the Law group's performance in the local heat of the Smart Law Mock Magistrate Trial competition on Saturday. To be honest, I've run out of superlatives for this group, they were simply superb. Our…

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Headlines 70

This week sees the launch of a brand new learning platform for LECA, SAM Learning. SAM Learning currently carries over 100,000 tasks for students ranging from revision, tests, essay writing, spelling and many more, all organised by subject, topic and even exam board. Students have their own logins…

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Headlines 69

Much has happened since the last blog, back in February. Of course the Ski Trip to Austria is the highlight  - it being the first one for LECA and for our students. It was brilliant to watch the posts on social media come in over the week and seeing the progress on the slopes and the clear…

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Headlines 68

Somehow we have arrived at the halfway point of the academic year. I don't mean that we've limped here - far from it - I mean how quickly it has come around. It reminds me of the very first assembly we had in front of Year 7 in September 2017. We said:

Welcome to your brand new school


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