Headlines 48

Monday proved to be an exciting start to the week as we interviewed for Vice Principal at LECA and were very happy to appoint James Tatham to the post. James has more than proved over the year that he has the knowledge and skill required to maintain our high standards and he is a superb addition…

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Headlines 47

Another busy week started with the visit of the Skills Service to carry out an ‘attitude survey’ with the students regarding careers. What was most gratifying from the answers was that the students recognised the range of opportunities they have had to engage or have contact with potential…

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Headlines 46

With half term over, the final push to the end of term has begun. New intervention groups have been formed to plug the gaps from the last assessments and we are doing everything we can to ensure all students will make the progress we have mapped for them on their flightpath.

Our vision for the…

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Headlines 45

Since the last blog assessments have finished and the Academy has taken a break for Whitsun. I hope that our students and their families are enjoying their holidays, whatever they are doing, and I'm sure the staff at LECA are making the most of their break after what was a very busy half…

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Headlines 44

This week began with some more guests at the Academy leading the assembly on Tuesday.This week it was the turn of Shona Macenzie and Sarah Burton from East Cambs District Council sharing the fantastic news that they are launching a Youth Hub at the Leisure Centre on Thursday June 21st from 5pm -…

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Headlines 43

This week the focus has been simple and straightforward: prepare and revise for the final assessments of the year. For this, the students were asked in assembly to reflect on one of our core values and to focus on it for the week. All of our values are based on our central ethos of having a Growth…

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New Staff Introductions

In a repeat of last year's blog, we're delighted to introduce the new additions to the teaching team. We're sure you will agree that these teachers will add strength in depth to an already superb group.

Daniel Hughes - Science

Daniel is very much local to this area; he grew up in Cottenham,…

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Headlines 42

Looking back over the blogs I've written, there hasn't been a week that's passed without some form of enrichment opportunity that has taken place outside of the classrooms. Whether it be the brave travels of our sports teams or a visit to the Big Bang or a tour round a local factory, we've managed…

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Headlines 41

Monday marked the beginning of the final term in our first year and, fittingly for the summer term, we were welcomed back in glorious sunshine. Uniforms were relaxed for the week and in a combination of Mr Tatham's athletics lessons and basking in the sun at break and lunch, the students were…

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Headlines 40

40 blogs in and we are almost at the end of another busy term at LECA. This time last year we had just conducted our first public site walk around the Academy and it's fair to say we all had to use a little imagination to picture what a fantastic building it would turn into. Over the last six…

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Headlines 39

The week began with another fine performance from the girls football team with Paige Tucker again scoring (2) and Leah Dews Richardson adding a third in a 3-1 win against Thomas Clarkson. The boys didn't fair as well, losing 3-0, but Oliver Cunningham once again showed some real leadership on the…

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Headline 38

Music has a vital part to play in cognitive development and wellbeing both inside schools and outside of them. As a musician who started playing at school and continued throughout my adult life, there are fewer things that have brought me more joy than playing music on my own or as part of band or…

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