LECA Vision Statement / Intent

Active Learners are independent thinkers, unafraid to question and embrace self-improvement with resilience.  Consistently demonstrating initiative, and are intrinsically motivated to take risks (within their learning).  

We want our students to be Active Leaders who are observant and listen to each other with empathy, and who are supportive of one another ensuring all are included. An Active Leader will be proactive, show selflessness and build successful teams through delegation.  

At LECA we want Active Citizens who are respectful of themselves, each other and their surroundings.  Pupils should be resilient, show kindness and believe in equality.  Students should have pride in their work and hold high aspirations. 

The curriculum is designed with three key areas at the forefront: Intent, Implementation and Impact. Each faculty area has a thoughtfully-designed programme, with the intention that will broaden their future pathways. By studying a broad range of subjects, this will provide our students with a wide range of knowledge and skills and they will leave with the ability to apply these skills confidently and with expertise.

LECA runs a 3 year Key Stage 3 to support the breadth of curriculum on offer. With knowledge, skills, assessment and cultural capital clearly mapped, all students will be prepared for the final two years of their LECA journey. In Year 9, students make their option choices which includes a wide variety of choices. Students are encouraged to follow routes which they enjoy and will fully engage in.

Further information on options and choices are found on this ‘page’. You can find out more about our current school curriculum by contacting subject teachers on our Curriculum/Subject pages.




  • Each student develops a deep and broad knowledge of each subject area they study
  • To develop in all learners a positive sense of place both in their local area but also national and globally
  • To develop well-rounded scholars, informed by a knowledge rich and skill based curriculum, who are taught the highest of expectations with the clear vision that there are no limits on what they can achieve
  • To develop students with life-long interpersonal skills, instilling confidence and resilience to succeed in any pathway they choose



  • To create students who can eloquently present ideas, knowledge, concepts and arguments coherently and independently in a range of formats including orally.
  • To develop a broad set of scholarly skills which can be applied across the whole range of subjects and disciplines.
  • To ensure our students make outstanding progress across all subjects no matter what their starting points are, and are assessed regularly to measure their progress
  • For all students to be responsible citizens who positively contribute to society and who have a clear idea of their own identity.
  • To create a love of study and learning combined with a love of challenge and the determination to solve problems.


 Key Concepts and Skills Across the Curriculum


  • To develop independence as learners both in and outside of the classroom
  • To appreciate and be tolerant of diversity in all forms both within the UK and beyond it
  • To have the skills to evaluate and interpret information by being inquisitive learners, learning through enquiry
  • To develop the ability to analyse multiple and diverse perspectives, through making connections, thinking critically and comparing interpretations/viewpoints and be effective problem solvers
  • to develop a strong sense of empathy and develop their social, emotional and intellectual skills



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