At LECA we firmly believe that the Mental Health and Well Being of our students and staff is the business of everybody with all members of our school community, including governors, students, parents, teaching, admin and support staff having a crucial role to play in its promotion and perception. 

To date, as a community we have worked hard to:


  • Create a Mental Health Strategy
  • Appoint a Mental Health and Well Being lead who works collaboratively with the pastoral and safeguarding team to ensure all students are closely monitored and identification and intervention is responsive. 
  • Create a team of Mental Health Champions to respond to the needs of our community and share good practice. 
  • Ensure Mental Health is at the forefront of our 'everyday diet' at LECA, both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Raise awareness of Mental Health, through assemblies, PSHE days, group work, staff training, parent information sessions, newsletters and articles.
  • Provide excellent Mental Health support from our dedicated pastoral team; providing 1 to 1 sessions and evidence based group interventions.
  • Employed a Family Liaison Worker and a Young Peoples Worker to further support the needs of our young people and families in our community.
  • Linking our Student Leadership Programme to the promotion of Mental Health with specialist Mental Health Ambassadors.
  • Develop a Well Being programme for staff.
  • Work with other agencies, professionals and forums including Talking freEly and Rachel Ewan - Mental Health and Well Being Training.
  • Working closely with a trust wide approach to Mental Health.
  • Working collaboratively with YMCA to develop our own LECA Blueprint. 

This action plan that we have in place is a fluid document that will constantly be assessed, monitored and developed to further embed and extend our offer to ensure that the Mental Health and Well Being of the school community remains the highest priority.


Cambridge Community Emotional and Wellbeing Services

Click here: Young People's Support

Click here: Support for Parents & Carers

Mental Health

CHUMS - Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Service Information


Sources of Information for Parents

Click here: Think you know - Information on how to protect your children from abuse online

Click here: Keep your head - Information on Mental Health and Wellbeing for students and families

Click here: Centre 33 - Supporting Young People in Cambs

Click here: YMCA - Support in Cambs

Click here: Kooth - Online mental wellbeing support for young people

Click here: Young Minds - Online support for parents and young people

Click here: Psychological Wellbeing Service - Self-referral support for adults

Click here: CHUMS - Mental Health and Wellbeing support for young people in Cambs

Click here: Pinpoint - Social Emotional Wellbeing support in Cambs

Click here: Mind - Providing advice and support for anyone with a mental health problem

Click here: Happy Maps - Worried about Behaviour/Mental Health? Lots of resources for parent/professionals


PASS Survey report

What is PASS?

The success of young people’s educational experience is heavily determined by the attitudes that they bring to their learning, their sense of aspiration and the feelings they have about their place in the broader social context of the school. The PASS diagnostic is a powerful, multi-factorial measure of students attitudes to school, learning and success. Its robust nature enables the data it yields to be used as a means of establishing baselines and to support effective planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions at individual, group and whole school levels.  Inform teaching and learning strategies and intervention programmes to help raise standards of attainment and student well-being; Establish their students’ perceptions of their school and learning experience.

LECA PASS Information


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