Eleven LECA students had the opportunity to go to the COP27 regional youth event hosted by Sawston Village College. Thirteen schools took part. Students were able to take part in a COP style conference working out what their 'country'- (LECA was given Egypt) would spend funds on and why. Countries were asked to vote and much like the real COPs, a lot of lobbying was seen and ultimately no consensus was reached! We really did see the the realities of having world issues played out. Students also had the opportunity to plant trees, and attend workshops.

Finally, students were able to collate ideas to take back to their schools on what they could do but they had to come to a consensus in the one thing the whole conference wanted to do, and they did. What an amazing feeling it was to have a group of over 100 students able to reach that consensus on something that would enable them to meet once more at regional level. What was it? To establish a 'Regional Eco Council'. Fantastic day, full of like minded people taking a hugely positive stance on all things Eco.


I was very proud to have taken the students ranging from Y7-10 who were amazing representatives for LECA and proved to be the Active Citizens we aspire for them to be.


Ellie Froment 

COP 27