The curriculum at LECA reflects our philosophy and that of the Active Learning Trust. That is that students should be able to experience the broadest possible suite of subjects allowing them to develop real expertise in a wide range of topics. The curriculum is designed with three key areas at the forefront: Intent, Implementation and Impact. Each subject lead has designed their programme of study to pinpoint these exact areas and these will be available to view on this page very shortly. Each plan shows clearly the journey each student will take with the knowledge and skills building year on year until they leave us in Year 11.

In the design phase of the these curriculum plans it became obvious that there were not only skills links between subjects but also knowledge links. To this end we have planned the curriculum to ensure the subjects compliment each other as they are taught. Not only this but the curriculum has threads and themes that run through many of the subjects at the same time. Such themes might be 'boundaries', 'conflict', 'relationships' and so on. These are also evidenced on the plans and referred to in lessons so students can make clear links as they move through the years.

LECA runs a traditional 3 year Key Stage 3 to support the breadth of curriculum on offer. With the knowledge and skills clearly mapped, all students will then be prepared for the final two years of their LECA journey. In Year 9, students make their option choices and will be guided towards one of three pathways. Further information on options and choices will follow and you can find our more about our current school curriculum by contacting subject teachers on our Staff page.


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