Our Staff

Please contact subject teachers directly for academic issues and form tutors for pastoral issues.

Leadership Team

Jason Wing - Executive Principal (Littleport and East Cambridgeshire Academy, Neale Wade Academy, Burrowmoor Primary School)

Scott Gaskins - Head of School:  scott.gaskins@lecacademy.org.

Mr Gaskins is also acting SENCO and the Designated Safeguarding Lead

James Tatham - Vice Principal:    james.tatham@lecacademy.org

Mr Tatham is also Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health (DSLMH)

Alison Daltrey - Campus Business Manager: alison.daltrey@lecacademy.org

Samantha Mandley - Academy Careers Leader: smandley@neale-wade.org  01354 606000

Helen Parks - Academy Careers Advisor: hparks3@neale-wade.org  01354 606000


Teaching Staff

Caroline Harrison - English / RE / Drama: caroline.harrison@lecacademy.org

Miss Harrison is also a Designated Person for Child Protection.

Ashley Radcliffe - English and Drama: ashley.radcliffe@lecacademy.org

Alice Eastham - Humanities: alice.eastham@lecacademy.org

Christina Emmess - PE and Humanites: christina.emmess@lecacademy.org

James Mortlock - PE and Humanities: james.mortlock@lecacademy.org

Jo Digby - Maths and IT: joanna.digby@lecacademy.org, 

Cate Middleton - Maths and IT: cate.middleton@lecacademy.org

Clare Way - Art and Design Technology: clare.way@lecacademy.org

Maria Gonzalez - Spanish: maria.gonzalez@lecacademy.org

Lucy Davis - Music: lucy.davis@lecacademy.org

Support Staff

Gary Dransfield - Site Manager: gary.dransfield@lecacademy.org

Karen Howard - Intervention Manager: karen.howard@lecacademy.org

Jo Smith - Teaching Assistant: jo.smith@lecacademy.org

Sarah Wigglesworth - Teaching Assistant: sarah.wigglesworth@lecacademy.org

Jo Bonnett - DT and HLTA: jo.bonnett@lecacademy.org

Paula Edwards - School Administration: paula.edwards@lecacademy.org

Jo Hedges - Reception and School Administration: jo.hedges@lecacademy.org



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