Our Staff

Please contact subject teachers directly for academic issues and form tutors for pastoral issues.


Leadership Team

Mr D'Cunha - Executive Headteacher:   craig.dcunha@activelearningtrust.org

Mr Taylor - Interim Associate Principal: c/o jo.hedges@lecacademy.org (SLT Support Administrator)

Mrs Emmess - Assistant Principal, Teacher of PE & Humanities: christina.emmess@lecacademy.org (maternity leave)

Mr Jones - Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Pedagogy, Head of Creative Industries: chris.jones@lecacademy.org

Mrs Starling - Assistant Principal, Teacher of English:  caroline.starling@lecacademy.org

Mrs Eastham - Assistant Principal & Head of Humanities: alice.eastham@lecacademy.org

Mrs Eastham is also a designated person for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mr Charko - SENCO, Teacher of English (Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead):  jacek.charko@lecacademy.org

Mrs Charko is also a designated lead for Looked After Children

Mrs Richardson (Form Tutor 9E) - Associate Assistant Principal - 2nd in charge English : krista.richardson@lecacademy.org

Miss Elliott (Form Tutor 10D) - Associate Assistant Principal - Head of Child Development/Health & Social Care/PSHE/:  laura.elliott@lecacademy.org


Designated Safeguarding Team

Ms Mulqueen - Designated Safeguarding Lead (LECA) inc. Prevent & E-Safety: karen.mulqueen@lecacademy.org     

Miss Sturman- Young People's Worker: krystal.sturman@lecacademy.org

Mrs Paul -   Intervention Lead & Assistant SENCO (designated person for Looked After Children): emma.paul@lecacademy.org

Mrs Eastham - Assistant Principal & Head of Humanities: alice.eastham@lecacademy.org


Teaching Staff

Mr Arbelaez- (Form Tutor 11A) Head of Design & Technology: ricardo.arbelaez@lecacademy.org

Miss Armsby (Form Tutor 8A) - Teacher of Maths: kathleen.armsby@lecacademy.org

Ms Baldwin (Form Tutor 7D) - Teacher of Art: sacha.baldwin@lecacademy.org

Mrs Bellaby (Form Tutor 10A) - Teacher of Art: debbie.bellaby@lecacademy.org

Mrs Cameron (Form Tutor 8C)- Catering Lead:  anna.cameron@lecacademy.org (maternity leave)

Mrs Davidson -Teacher of IT: rea.davidson@lecacademy.org

Mrs Davis (Form Tutor 10B Mon-Weds)- Music Lead: lucy.davis@lecacademy.org

Mr Dicks (Form Tutor 10E)- Teacher of Music/Maths: stefen.dicks@lecacademy.org

Mr Dye (Form Tutor 9A)- Teacher of Science: andy.dye@lecacademy.org

Mrs Froment (Form Tutor 10B) - Teacher of Science: ellie.froment@lecacademy.org

Miss Gonzalez (Form Tutor 10C) - Spanish Lead: maria.gonzalez@lecacademy.org

Miss Hourigan (Form Tutor 11C)- Teacher of Humanities: ashley.hourigan@lecacademy.org

Mr Hughes (Form Tutor 9A) - Head of Science:  daniel.hughes@lecacademy.org

Mr Hughes (Form Tutor 11E) - Head of PE: oliver.hughes@lecacademy.org

Miss Jacklin (Form Tutor 8C) - Teacher of PE/Science: chloe.jacklin@lecacademy.org

Mr Marshall (Form Tutor 11D) – Teacher of Humanities/Spanish: darrell.marshall@lecacademy.org

Mr Masabo (Form Tutor 9B) – Teacher of Maths: elvis.masabo@lecacademy.org

Mr Mortlock - Years 8/9 Progress Leader. Teacher of PE: james.mortlock@lecacademy.org

Miss Murray (Form Tutor 7E) - Teacher of Drama: flo.murray@lecacademy.org

Mr Myers (Form Tutor 9C) - Teacher of English: toby.myers@lecacademy.org

Dr Parkinson (Form Tutor 9D) - Teacher of English: cheryl.parkinson@lecacademy.org

Mrs Pounce - Teacher of English:  zae.pounce@lecacademy.org

Miss Rabelo (Form Tutor 7B) - Teacher of Spanish: paola.rabelo@lecacademy.org

Mrs Radcliffe - Head of  English: ashley.radcliffe@lecacademy.org (maternity leave)

Mr Richardson -Year 7 Progress Leader. IT/Computer Science Lead: james.richardson@lecacademy.org

Miss Ridgeon (Form Tutor 7C) – Teacher of Religious Education: tinneisha.ridgeon@lecacademy.org

Mr Riordan - Teacher of Technology/Engineering/Design: robert.riordan@lecacademy.org

Mr Skillern (Form Tutor 8E) - Teacher of Maths: lee.skillern@lecacademy.org

Mr Smith (Form Tutor 7A) - Geography Lead: iain.smith@lecacademy.org

Mr Tatham - Year 10/11 Progress Leader. Teacher of Science/P.E: james.tatham@lecacademy.org 

Mr Towle (Form Tutor 10B Thurs/Fri)- Head of Maths: kev.towle@lecacademy.org

Mrs Way (Form Tutor 10A) - Art & Design Lead/ALT CALSA: clare.way@lecacademy.org (maternity leave)

Miss Willerton (Form Tutor 8D)Science:  rebecca.willerton@lecacademy.org

Dr Wombwell (Form Tutor 8B)Science:  emma.wombwell@lecacademy.org

Mrs Woods (Form Tutor 9C) - Teacher of Business Studies: debbie.woods@lecacademy.org


Teaching Support Staff

Ms Diprose-Denyer - Science Technician: katie.diprose-denyer@lecacademy.org

Ms Freear - Teaching Assistant:  jayne.freear@lecacademy.org

Mr Green - Teaching Assistant: sam.green@lecacademy.org

Mr Griffiths - Teaching Assistant:  billy.griffiths@lecacademy.org

Ms Hayward - Cover Supervisor:  carly.hayward@lecacademy.org

Miss Hunter - Teaching Assistant: sarah.hunter@lecacademy.org

Mrs Minchin - Cover Supervisor: jean.minchin@lecacademy.org

Mrs Papalaka-Webb - Teaching Assistant: linda.papalakaweb@lecacademy.org

Miss Rice - Teaching Assistant: kerri.rice@lecacademy.org

Mrs Stevens - Teaching Assistant: laura.stevens@lecacademy.org

Miss Whyte - Teaching Assistant:  cleo.whyte@lecacademy.org

Mrs Wigglesworth - HLTA: sarah.wigglesworth@lecacademy.org


Administrative/Student Support Staff

Mrs Allen - Year 10/11 Pastoral Support Administrator: jo.allen@lecacademy.org

Mrs Bevens - Reception/First Aid: michelle.bevens@lecacademy.org

Mrs Burley - Librarian: helen.burley@lecacademy.org

Mrs Buzer - Exams Officer: susan.buzer@lecacademy.org

Mrs Edwards - Operations Manager: paula.edwards@lecacademy.org

Mrs Hedges - Marketing & Support Administrator: jo.hedges@lecacademy.org

Ms Mulqueen - Designated Safeguarding Lead (LECA): karen.mulqueen@lecacademy.org                    

Mrs Paul -   Intervention Lead & Assistant SENCO (designated person for Looked After Children): emma.paul@lecacademy.org

Mrs Paul is also a designated person for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mr Seaton - Year 8/9 Pastoral Support Administrator: tom.seaton@lecacademy.org 

Mrs Simms– Attendance Officer: vicki.simms@lecacademy.org

Mr Sloan– Data Administrator: william.sloan@lecacademy.org

Mrs Smith– LECA Careers Advisor: joanne.smith@lecacademy.org

Mrs Spencer– Reception/First Aid: kim.spencer@lecacademy.org

Mr Storey - Alternative Curriculum Centre Manager: des.storey@lecacademy.org

Mrs Strong - Alternative Curriculum Centre Assistant: jo.strong@lecacademy.org

Miss Sturman- Young People's Worker: krystal.sturman@lecacademy.org

Miss Sturman is also a designated person for Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mrs Taylor- Year 7 Pastoral Administrator: abigail.taylor@lecacademy.org

Mrs Warren – Cover Co-ordinator/Supervisor:  sam.warren@lecacademy.org


Site Support Staff

Miss Gathercole - Kitchen Manager: lecakitchen@gmail.com

Mr Lee - Site Officer: spencer.lee@lecacademy.org

Mr Shaw – IT Helpdesk/Support

Mr Winters - Site Manager: lindsay.winters@lecacademy.org

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