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Vision Statement

To deliver the highest quality learning opportunities to every student ensuring that every member of our Academy can make outstanding progress and positively contribute to the modern world.


7 May 2021

Headlines 146

I normally write this on a Sunday but this week I have just looked at the weather and I now have a firm plan to be enjoying some long-awaited sunshine this weekend. There's no question that the weather has a positive effect on our mood and general feeling of wellness. That's why the ...

30 April 2021

Headlines 145

Last week I wrote about behaviour for learning and raising the bar with our students and teachers to increase engagement levels in class. This week we took a close look at learning in lessons and focussed on two questions: What are the students doing and why are they doing it?  These ...

23 April 2021

Headlines 144

The end of another week and one where our focus has been on behaviour for learning. That's not to be mistaken for behaviour but the two are linked. When we think about behaviour we often think of students either doing what they are told or not. But it's not that black and white. Behaviour...

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