Welcome to Littleport and East Cambs Academy

Vision Statement

To deliver the highest quality learning opportunities to every student ensuring that every member of our Academy can make outstanding progress and positively contribute to the modern world.


              We have used the acronym 'INSPIRED' to capture our               Core Values:


We are Independent learners

We Never give up

We are Solution focussed

We are Progress driven

We are Innovative

We are Respectful

We are Enthusiastic

We are Determined


18 September 2020

Headlines 123

At LECA we like to buck the trend. This week average attendance in state schools was 90%. LECA's was 95%. What does this tell us? That our parents support us and our students want to be here. This is an outstanding result considering the circumstances we are working under and may well also be...

9 September 2020

Headlines 122 - New Routines and Good Habits

Sometimes you don't quite know how something will go until you do it. We meticulously planned our re-opening strategy during the summer but until staff and students came into the building on Monday, we were never 100% sure it would all go to plan. I'd be lying if I said it was perfect thi...

18 July 2020

Headlines 121

This is the final blog of the academic year - one that, in equal doses, we want to remember and forget! When we remember things we often create details or forget details. We focus on the 'peaks' and these create a distorted memory. For example, if you go to Alton Towers, th...

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